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eLindström Online Service

When it comes to providing the best possible service to customers, Lindstrom aims to do this at every point of contact. With our online service, you can make requests and changes to orders at the touch of a button. This effortless new way to manage your account helps us to deliver a seamless service.

Our service management tools put you in control so that you can request maintenance or service visits, place orders, and track progress from the handy account dashboard. Getting started with the eLindstrom service is simple; once you receive your account login from customer service, you are ready to go.

Service management tools with eLindstrom

The eLindstrom service gives you everything you need for complete management of your account and services from Lindstrom. The easy to use system allows you to:

  • Make new orders
  • Track products
  • Manage inventory
  • Manage services
  • Follow the status of service requests
  • See all deliveries

With the intuitive user interface of the eLindstrom dashboard, you get a full view of your account. You can easily place new orders and track deliveries of new products. The system allows you to manage your inventory, so you always have everything you need when you need it.

You will be able to see all of your current services and manage these from the account dashboard. If you need service or maintenance visits, you can request them straight from the screen. Service request status can be tracked, so you will know exactly when a service engineer will be at your premises.

The eLindstrom system lets you see the full view. You have access to reports on your orders, products, and invoices in real-time. Reporting and account tracking is simple; you always know how much your business is using and what needs to be ordered.

Benefits of eLindstrom service

The many tasks of running a business make a lot of demands on employees’ time. Any tools that can help make jobs easier and quicker are always a good thing. The eLindstrom service is a flexible system that helps with all aspects of your Lindstrom account. The benefits of the service include:

  • Easy to use
  • Online service – open 24/7
  • User friendly
  • Smart tracking
  • See all locations in one glance
  • Fully mobile across all your devices

The service’s time-saving efficiency, along with the intuitive interface, makes this system a useful tool for daily management.  If you are interested in using the eLindstrom service, contact customer service, or your Lindstrom contact person today.


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