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Don’t Let The Cold Ruin Your Christmas With Our Winter Workwear

The UK is being warned to brace itself for a blast of wintry weather over the next few days. This is great news for those looking for a white Christmas. But it is not so great for those who must work outdoors in these conditions.

Snow is made to look so beautiful in the movies. The snowflakes look fluffy and everyone has smiles on their faces as the snow falls. In reality, especially in the UK, the moment the snow starts to settle the transport system grinds to a halt, the snow stings your face and the only thing that can return that smile to your face is seeing your front door again!

The cold weather is bad enough for the average Joe going about his business, but spare a thought for those who have to work outdoors for a living, morning, noon or night.

You have trolley porters at your local supermarket thrown out into all weathers to retrieve shopping trolleys discarded by shoppers desperate for the warmth of their cars.

Then you have car breakdown repairers, who again must work all hours to get the stranded motorist off the road and on their way home. Not to mention those who repair the roads at night, deliver our goods from town to town and not forgetting those who work in sub-zero chilled factories regardless of the time of year.

These brave men and women require the finest winter work uniforms. From insulated jackets, winter hoods and hi-vis overalls, Lindstrom has created the best range of winter workwear available. Made from the most durable material and meeting the latest health and safety regulations, our clothing is designed to leave you feeling hot and looking pretty sharp too.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit all body shapes and ready for every job, our winter clothing has been created with the workers in mind. We have held in-depth talks with several key figures across a selection of business in order to create a winter uniform that won’t leave you out in the cold.

Whether you require a Terry CE Winter Jacket that is made from Electrician FR 345 in fluorescent yellow or a winter hood that is made of the same material, we can ensure you can beat the cold when the temperature plummets.

By taking advantage of our innovative workwear rental system you can also ensure you will always have a fresh selection of clothes ready to use daily, which is perfect for when the weather takes a turn for the worse. It also doesn’t matter if you rip or tear your winter clothing as we can repair and replace damaged items.

With more than 170 years’ experience in the clothing rental service, Lindstrom offers the best workwear rental and laundry solutions to your needs. If you are looking for quality winter workwear to rent for your workforce, speak to our team today on 01234 343 555 or email info.uk@lindstromgroup.com

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