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Choose Lindstrom For All Your PPE Health & Safety Needs

Businesses, big and small, have a duty of care towards their employees. From providing up-to-date training opportunities through to supplying staff with smart uniforms that meet strict safety standards, companies must take their responsibilities seriously. At Lindström we understand how important it is for staff to wear the right uniform for their job. That’s why we, as a reputable company, go to great lengths when it comes to supplying firms with the best personal protective equipment at work. Whether you work in healthcare, the construction industry or ply your trade in the kitchen as a chef, Lindström can provide companies in the UK with the best uniforms that meet the industry standard. Wearing the correct personal protective equipment at work is essential in order to protect you against health or safety risks. It can include a wide range of items, including hi-visibility clothing, safety footwear, safety helmets and gloves. At Lindström, our products meet the most stringent health and safety demands. We ensure our goods are properly assessed before use to make sure they are fit for purpose, are properly stored and maintained, come with instructions on how to use them effectively and are used correctly by employees.

Just because it’s clean, doesn’t mean it is clean – Discover how Lindström gets your clothes hygienically clean  

Our personal protective equipment service provides companies with our extensive expertise and quality products in a bid to reach the ultimate goal – no accidents. Whether you require personal protective equipment in hospital or personal protective equipment in the kitchen, Lindström has all the PPE health and safety clothing you need. In today’s climate, more and more workers are required to wear safety workwear. This is clearly evident in the construction industry and those where people must work in the dark, with traffic or inside factories. Make sure your staff remain safe with our range of EN ISO 20471 certified safety clothing. Not only do these products keep your workers looking the business, they also ensure your staff are clearly visible from all angles, reducing the risk of accidents. View our range of hi-visibility jackets, trousers and waistcoats to see the quality and effective products we can supply you with. People who work outside in the winter must also be dressed appropriately. Fortunately, our extensive HighVisPro winter workwear collection meets the EN 342:2004 regulation, ensuring that clothing and garments can protect workers in sub-zero temperatures.

Avoid injuries and reduce the risk of accidents

We can also provide workers who ply their trade outdoors with the most flame-retardant, antistatic and high visibility clothing thanks to our TwinPro Collection. Specifically designed to meet a range of safety standards, including EN 471:2003, EN ISO 11612:2008, EN 1149-5:2008 and EN 61482-1-2:2007, our electrical personal protective equipment can keep you safe and reduce the risk of injury or accidents considerably. Lindström also has a CarePro Collection which consists garments made of smooth material that prevents skin irritations, but is designed to withstand the rigours of healthcare. With a selection of PPE safety items ready for hire, we can ensure your staff always have clean and hygienic clothes to wear every day. Our personal protective equipment also comes in a variety of colours and styles to suit your every need. If you are looking to hire professional and safety regulated workwear, speak to our team today on 01234 343555 or email info.uk@lindstromgroup.com Our cost-effective rental service ensures your staff will always benefit from clean and hygienic clothes, delivered to and collected from their lockers or storage area, daily.

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