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Catch up on Lindström UK!

At Lindström we are continuing to reach our global objective of growth by strengthening our UK presence while making the everyday life of our customers easier, and providing the best value in the market. But how are we achieving this and what are our goals for the future?

Three UK acquisitions between 2016 and 2018 have added two extra service lines to our product portfolio, our presence has expanded to six established locations across the country and grown our dedicated UK team to more than 150 people! This enlargement is providing us with the opportunity to work with more and more customers, helping them to achieve an improved corporate image, reduce their impact on the environment and improve efficiency in the work place.

Excellent customer experience is at the heart of Lindström and is where we differentiate from our competitors. Our continuous growth has provided us with new opportunities to enhance customers relationships, as well as maintaining and enhancing service levels. As part of our aim to build long-term customer relationships, we provide a reliable service which stems from our locally based UK customer service team, who are there to support customer enquiries alongside a dedicated field team of account representatives.

Honesty is the best policy, right? Of course! And that’s why we carry out our annual survey to gain feedback from every single one of our customers and employees, because they are the ones that matter. We identify areas of improvement, and implement change, or recognise which parts of our service customers appreciate and look to maintain them. This helps to deliver operational excellence, with new ways to recycle old textiles, enhanced accountability in the supply chain, and decreased environmental impacts from our laundries. These factors have contributed to a 98% customer retention rate in 2017, and are why customers love having Lindström working alongside them as a long-term partner.

Globally our vision for 2020 is to be a solid, €500 million company, achieving excellent customer experience with engaged employees. This will be achieved by the hard work of over 4,000 colleagues operating in 24 countries. The growth of Lindström in the UK is continuing, and we are looking forward to what the future holds from working together with our fantastic customers!

To find out more about what Lindström offers, head over to our services page https://old.lindstromgroup.com/uk/services/


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