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Benefits of Renting Wiper Rags

Businesses of all shapes, sizes, and functions are challenged with similar problems; sourcing sustainable yet effective consumables, creating predictable operating costs, and meeting strict industry regulations. One of the consumables you use most often is wiper rags.

If you invest in new high-quality wiper rags, then it isn’t long before you are buying them again, adding an unpredictable element to your operating costs. If you buy disposable wiper rags, then your sustainability efforts fall short. The rags are often not up to the job, and you are left navigating the headache of hazardous waste regulations.

So, what is the best wiper rag solution?

Wiper rag rental is a common-sense approach that helps your company tick all of these boxes and with greater ease. Our high-quality rental wipers are adept at handling different types of hazardous waste and industrial dirt. There are wiper rags of various constructions, making them highly efficient in their specific industry, such as printing, automotive, or manufacturing.

Whether you need lint-free wiper rags that leave no residual traces on printing machines, heavy wipers for spill response and absorbing liquids such as grease and oil in a garage, or general workshop rags that are six times more absorbent than disposable rags, renting ensures you always have a full stock of the product you need.

Reduce Costs By Only Renting What You Need

Industrial cleaning cloths do not have a very long life cycle. So, if you invest in new industrial rags, it is not long before you are back where you started and buying new wiper rags all over again. Only this time, you now have the additional cost and complications of disposing of the soiled wiper rags, which are now classed as hazardous waste.

Renting is a cost-efficient way to always have a supply of wiper rags on hand without huge spikes in expenditure. Our wiper rag rental refills your holding on a schedule that suits your needs. They make budgeting a piece of cake with a monthly cost reflecting your daily use and the industry you operate in.

Increase Hygiene With Our Professional Laundry Service

Our professional laundry service hygienically cleans the wipers, which are then delivered to their designated location in your business. Any used wiper rags are collected from the collector bins, which are included in our service.

The professional laundering process removes chemicals, metal chips, oils, grease, and solvents, which are then handled in accordance with the strictest regulations. This means that Lindstrom not only takes care of your legal hazardous waste responsibilities but reduces the volume of wiper rags heading to landfills, minimising environmental waste and improving your sustainability efforts.

If you are searching for wiper rags with superior absorbency with a solution that offers predictable operating costs and minimal environmental impact, please get in touch with our team today.


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