Hi-vis Trousers

With our range of hi vis safety trousers, you can provide all of your working team with reflective clothing that makes sure they are seen and safe on-site. We select the best quality materials that provide durability and are hard-wearing.

Hi-vis trousers are an essential part of the work uniform on-site, in the factory, and in many other locations. Effective design is vital as they need to be comfortable, practical, and make the person visible in the workplace. Our range of hi-vis work trousers is made from the highest quality fabrics and designed to give workers a smart and professional look.

When choosing the best quality work uniforms, durability is essential, and we have selected the best workwear with this in mind. All of our site work trousers and hi-vis gear are available as part of our uniform rental service.

Product Description

With our range of hi-vis safety trousers, you can provide all of your working team with clothing that makes sure they are seen and safe on-site. Our innovative designs will help your staff stand out from the crowd while keeping them safe. We select the best quality materials that provide durability and are hard-wearing. The designs we create are comfortable to wear and are suitable for both men and women.

With our reflective designs, you can choose from charcoal or fluorescent orange or yellow. Each one is available in a range of sizes to accommodate all workers. Adjustable waistbands make our designs comfortable, and there are a variety of pockets to store tools and other essentials securely.

If you are looking for construction site clothing that is long-lasting, we can help. We provide top-quality hi-vis workwear that can be customised to suit your brand. Make your team stand out on-site with our range of reflective trousers and construction uniforms. Contact us today to find out more about our uniform rental service and customised hi-vis workwear.

Product Specifications
  • Hard wearing, durable materials
  • Choice of charcoal, fluorescent orange or yellow
  • Adjustable waistbands
  • Range of tool pockets.

70% Cotton

30% Polyester

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Reflective clothing is a legal standard for many industries throughout the UK. Those who ply their trade in transportation, warehouse and construction, for example, are fully aware just how vital this uniform is in the workplace. But no-one knows that more than Lindström. That’s why we have created the finest array imaginable.

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Lindström Group Management system is in compliance with ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018, and EN 14065:2016.

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