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We at Lindström amount currently to approximately 3,000 employees. Our international growth continues and we are regularly looking for new Lindström employees.

At Lindström, you can work in a variety positions in over 20 countries, for example, in the field of sales, textile maintenance, human resources, financial administration, marketing and customer service. Explore our career pages, follow up on our vacancies and join our merry band. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.

P.S. We also have great colleagues! Read more about our work satisfaction in the “Why choose Lindström” section.

Why choose Lindström?

Kasvava, luotettava ja kansainvalinen

Growing, reliable and international employer

Mielenkiintoinen palveluvalikoimaInteresting service selection

Vahva brandi
Strong brand

Vastuullinen toiminta

Responsible operations

Lindström Group Career Minna Gentz

Greetings from Lindström’s Corporate HR Manager Minna Gentz

At Lindström, you have the opportunity to work in an international family-owned company.

Lindström is growing internationally at a wild pace. It is our vision to be present in 25 countries by the end of 2016. We are making history in many countries where we have been the first company to introduce our Workwear Services.

Personally, I can honestly say that I love working for Lindström. I started as the Corporate HR Manager in November 2013. Working in an international family-owned company feels great and I can warmly recommend it for others. There is no shortage of competence or enthusiasm and encourage to learn new here.

I hope that you will follow up on our vacancies since we are continuously looking for new enthusiastic and professional Lindström employees. You will do very well here, if you dedicate yourself to acquiring not only competence, but also diligence, aptitude for customer service and courage to make things progress and try new things.

You can read the opinion of other Lindström employees under the Personal stories. You will also find a brief presentation of our HR team below.

I hope you will enjoy our career pages!

We care about our colleagues! A pleasant daily life through service culture

Lindström’s service culture aims at satisfied personnel and incomparable service experience.
Service is a solid part of our culture – both internally and externally. Caring about you colleagues, doing things together and helping your colleagues is reflected in a good service experience for customers.

Early in 2010, Lindström launched the ‘serving to be the best’ programme to produce incomparable service experience. As part of the programme we have played, among other things, the ‘At Your Service’ game promoting our internal service culture and have complimented our colleagues with electronic or traditional thank-you cards throughout the Group.

Read more about our internal international programmes below that promote doing things together and personal development at Lindström.

The goal is to develop Lindström’s service culture and co-operation.

The ‘get to know what others do’ programme is literally 3–5 days of getting to know a similar position in another unit or other duties within the Group. The goal is to learn new things and improve the competence of personnel regarding the Group’s work duties and service chains.
The programme has solid support from the company’s top management. They too get to know other work duties in different parts of the organisation at least once a year.  The programme was launched in Finland in the spring of 2013.  It was launched in Lindström’s subsidiaries at the beginning of 2015.

Get to know what others do’ works

  • To help with career development
  • As a learning path: new ideas, new perspectives
  • In understanding and learning the different processes of the company, the significance of one’s own job and that of others grows stronger
  • To network

The ‘get to know what others do’ programme has resulted in several development projects, the sharing of best practices and the creation of new friendships during the first years. Trying new things brings excitement to daily life, which has been stated by almost 100 Lindström employees!

Working for us, you will get amazing colleagues that enjoy their work and are proud of their employer. According to our internal Lindström study in 2014, over 80% of our employees say they are proud to be a lindströmer and approximately 80% recommend us as an employer.

in our company, you will get to make a carreer in a responsible corporation. Responsibility for us covers economy, environment and personnel. We invest in employee satisfaction in many ways because we believe that only a happy personnel can offer an outstanding customer experience. Read more about corporate responsibility from our Company pages.

We invest in your career development. “Grow with us”: development in your own work or a jump into the boss’ boots

Lindström offers several development paths

Lindström’s Head of Recruitment and Career Development Kirsi Aropaltio shares how you can develop your own career and what kind of career paths are offered at Lindström.

What does “Grow with us” mean?

It is our Group-wide career development programme.

What constitutes a good career path?

It is virtually impossible to give one correct answer. Therefore, we offer several development paths For some, career and success equal the traditional progression to more responsible duties, but they can just as well refer to development in one’s own work without any desire to jump into the boss’ boots.

How is personnel development at its best?

Development is most fruitful when the needs of the personnel and business meet. We have recognised some duties in which we want our personnel to develop especially, for example, at the customer interface or business management. We describe these career paths are more precisely and invest actively in getting people to grow into such duties.

Share an example of how competence can be increased at Lindström.

We have several great career stories to share but learning can and must take place as part of daily life. For example, a good way of trying something new is to participate in our ‘get to know what others do’ programme where you get to explore the work of other Lindström employees. Almost 100 Lindström employees have already participated in the job exchange programme launched in Finland in 2013. During the week, you get a pretty good idea whether sales work is something you are into. In addition, understanding the work that others do is always useful, even if you discover that it is not for you personally.


Happy staff give the best service