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Which industries require flame retardant workwear?

There are requirements for flame retardant workwear across a range of industries. The clothing is needed to protect workers from flames and severe burns. Certain workplaces are more of a risk to employees when it comes to flames or hazardous materials.

Keeping your staff safe should always be a priority, and this is even more important in high-risk working environments. Safety workwear that is fireproof and flame retardant lowers the risk of severe burns or injuries to your staff. Providing the workforce with industry-compliant clothing is essential for their well-being and for the health and safety regulations your business is obligated to follow.

Which workers need flame retardant workwear?

As you know, hazards in the workplace are something that has to be taken seriously. If your business involves employees working with hazardous materials or in risky work environments, safety is paramount.

Part of the safety considerations for your workers may be protective workwear. Providing suitable clothing to your team is all part of compliance with safety regulations. If your business includes the following type of workers, you should provide flame retardant clothing for staff:

  • Welders
  • Fabricators
  • Machine operators
  • Sheet metal workers
  • Mechanics
  • Electrical workers

Depending on the type of work activity your staff does, the clothing will have to protect them from different kinds of hazards. PPE for welders, for example, will protect from both low level and high levels of heat and metal splashes. PPE for flame and heat is rated depending on how much protection it provides. Flame retardant workwear can protect the wearer by limiting flame spread or offering protection from radiant heat.

Some members of staff may require protection from splashes of molten metal or contact heat; any clothing provided should be rated for this. Whatever industry you are in, it is imperative that you are compliant with safety regulations and provide your staff with the right flame retardant clothing.

Flame retardant workwear cleaning service

Investing in the right workwear for your employees can be expensive. Using a workwear service allows you to provide the appropriate safety workwear without having to buy it all at once. By using the Lindstrom flame retardant workwear service, your employees will have all of the safety clothing they need.

Our WelderPro collection protects against molten iron splashes and is ideal for welders and fabricators. We take care of providing the right safety workwear to staff, so they always have well-maintained clothing that conforms to current legislation.

The used clothing is taken away, and certified clothing is ready for the employee to start their day. Cleaning, maintaining, and mending clothing is all taken care of for you. This ensures that clothing stays in good condition to provide the right protection.

Washing flame retardant workwear at home is a big risk, so we handle all of that for your staff. It helps to increase staff well-being as they don’t have the extra responsibility of taking care of safety clothing.

With our workwear service, you no longer have to worry about buying and maintaining PPE clothing. We provide the appropriate PPE, welder’s clothing, and flame retardant workwear as you need it. With our flexible service, you can easily add new employees or adjust the delivery and collection schedules to fit the working shifts.

Contact us today to find out more about flame retardant workwear and our industrial workwear service.

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