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The Dangers Of Not Wearing His Vis Workwear

Keeping your workforce safe is always a top priority for UK firms and a legal obligation that needs to be taken seriously. Not being seen is the single most significant risk for many workers, making hi vis workwear the most crucial part of anyone’s PPE.

High visibility workwear is vital for workplace safety across numerous industries and sectors. Whether it is a maintenance team clearing brush along a railway or motorway, warehouse staff working in the same space as forklift trucks, or electricians on a construction site, hi vis workwear helps pedestrian workers be seen.

Being Seen Allows You To Be Safe

Wherever vehicles are working alongside workers on foot, hi vis workwear is required. This requirement covers both the worker on the ground and the drivers of vans, trucks, and forklifts whenever they get out of their vehicles.

The garments have fluorescent strips that stand out during daylight and brightly reflect light during bad weather conditions or at night. Hi vis vests and bibs are the most well-known example, but there are also hi visibility trousers, and overalls. These items are often manufactured to provide protection from other hazards, making them the ideal choice for mechanics, electricians, plumbers, decorators, landscapers, and welders.

For outdoor or cold temperature work, hi vis jackets tick the visibility box while keeping staff warm and dry.

Always Have Safety Workwear To Hand

As an employer, it is your obligation to provide hi vis workwear, free of charge, to your staff if it is required for the job. Furthermore, you must ensure that the hi vis clothing remains in good condition, which means supplying high-quality items.

However, buying top-quality high visibility workwear can become expensive and requires plenty of administration when it comes to keeping them clean and in good condition. Our durable hi vis workwear rental takes care of all of these responsibilities and tasks, keeping your workers safe by providing comfortable, lightweight, and breathable clothing.

Our team can help you determine the correct number of garments for each worker and assist with fitting and alterations. We take care of cleaning, inspecting, and repairing damage, with the items collected for laundry with clean workwear placed in the worker’s lockers ready for use.

Hi vis workwear rental is simply the easiest solution to meeting your work safety regulations. You save money in the long run, all while keeping your team looking smart and professional. Our high visibility clothes also help improve worker productivity and aid their work with careful consideration paid to pockets that help keep essential tools at hand.

To find out more information on how our hi vis workwear rental can provide you with a cost-effective and convenient solution to keeping your workers safe, please contact our team.

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