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The advantages of uniforms in the workplace

When it comes to workwear things have changed over the years. Uniform policies are more relaxed than they used to be. Casual workwear has become more commonplace and having a work uniform in the traditional sense happens in fewer places. If you are considering a uniform for your employees, here we explore the pros and cons.

Benefits of work uniforms

For the most part, a company uniform is an excellent way of increasing your company brand awareness. Employees all wearing workwear with your company logo on will increase recognition as they are marketing your company. Whether you are a small company or large corporation, uniforms are excellent advertising. Other advantages of uniforms include:

• Promotes a professional image
• Creates company pride
• Consistent appearance
• Promotes a safe working environment

Pitfalls of workwear

There are many benefits of uniforms but it does depend on the workplace. Offices, for example, may actually see a negative impact of a uniform policy. Employees in an office environment may not be customer-facing and so business casual will be ideal. Enforcing strict clothing policies in some environments, such as design studios, can inhibit creativity and stifle employees.

Retail workers would be better suited to wearing clothes that are on sale in the store rather than the company brand. It will help promote sales of the products in the shop rather than the store name.

Benefits of renting the workwear

Of course, there are lots of working environments where uniforms are essential. Medical offices, worksites, and industrial workplaces are ideal places for workwear.

So when you are looking at workwear, is renting or buying best? There are many benefits to renting workwear. The most obvious is the initial cost. You don’t have to outlay a large amount for all the workwear stock. Other benefits of a uniform rental service include:

• The rental company manages stock levels
• Damaged, stained clothing is replaced immediately,  this is common when you work in an industrial environment
• Protective properties of the uniform are maintained
• Collection, laundering, and delivery of uniforms is all done for you
• Uniforms are cleaned hygienically

With our workwear rental and laundry services, you have appropriate workwear when you need it. Our service helps to maintain the occupational safety of your employees as well as ensuring uniforms are always looking their best.

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