The Lindström team are always excited to showcase at an event meeting prospect, and new and current customers. In September we will be exhibiting at the RWM and Letsrecycle Live exhibition (14th to 15th September 2022 on stand R-J230) and The Print Show 2022 (20th to 22nd September on stand A20) at the NEC Birmingham.

These events provide Lindström with the opportunity to showcase our knowledge and services. All alongside our passion for the environment and ways to manage sustainability. Our core business model is based on a circular economy. Everything we do ensures we reduce overproduction and conserve natural resources. Our rental textile service provides our customers with workwear, cleanroom textiles, industrial wipers, and textiles for hotels, restaurants, and healthcare. Lindström aims to make our customers’ lives easier, more cost-effective, and more sustainable.

Workwear Rental With A Difference

Using a textile rental service stops your staff from having the hassle of sourcing, purchasing, and rolling out work uniforms. Furthermore, for your employees who wear the uniforms daily, a washing rental service allows them freedom. All washing, repairs, and adjustments are all taken care of. At Lindström, we offer this exact, flexible, hassle-free service that is run by our team of experts. Leaving all of your workwear in a guaranteed pristine, professional finish and your employees happy. Renting means less stress for both you and the environment.

We are first and foremost a family-owned textile service company, with 4700 employees, operating across 24 countries. Our company was established over 170 years ago in Helsinki, Finland, where our head office is still situated. With 237,000 customers ranging from top car manufacturers, large engineers, and printing companies to independent food suppliers and retail businesses. We’re independently reviewed by our customers every year and have consistently achieved high scores in customer satisfaction (8.7).

How Workwear Rental Works

Our workwear rental service is tailored to you, offering complete flexibility. When you use our service, we advise you on the best-suited garment for the job. We then measure your wearers and set up a collection and delivery service at a time and day that fits in with you. Our workwear rental service is a full 360 service. We not only collect your used workwear but wash, maintain, repair, renew, and even store it on your behalf. You will have a dedicated account management team to ensure everything is ok. Our service is completely transparent, and you will have full access to our online service, eLindström. This allows you to access data on where your garments are in the wash cycle, manage wearers, place orders, and more.

Industrial Wiper Service

We also offer an industrial wiper service, that ensures you will always have efficient industrial cleaning rags to hand. We understand the importance of having wipers that do the job right while conforming to COSHH and preventing any cross-contamination. Industrial wipers are so much more than your everyday blue roll. Our industrial wipers are 4x more absorbent and 3x thicker with low linting characteristics. Our rental wiper service is cost-efficient, flexible, and keeps your work environment tidy. Our wipers also ensure you comply with UK regulations when it comes to the correct disposal of hazardous waste.

Main Benefits Of Using Lindström

Moving to a managed workwear rental service with Lindström has many benefits including:

Flexibility – Set up your service to suit your needs. You can amend your order at any time if things change such as seasonal staff, pregnancy, or change in staff for example.

Personal service – Every customer has a dedicated account management team who will manage everything for you. They will also schedule regular calls or visits, to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Full transparencyYou will have full access to our online service, eLindström. This allows you to access data on where your garments are in the wash cycle, manage wearers, place orders, and more. Over time it allows you to budget, control, and plan future costs with no hidden surprises.

Speak To Lindström

We manage everything for you, so there’s one less thing for you to worry about. Come to the RWM or The Print Show and speak to one of our team. Alternatively, contact our team on 01234 480 367 or at

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