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Stay safe on the building site with our quality hi-vis jackets

Safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance to employers and staff. Workers must be trained effectively to operate machinery correctly. Staff also need to be made aware of the dangers of their environment and how to minimise their risk. However, one of the surest ways to protect your staff in the workplace is to equip them with the finest work uniforms.

At Lindstrom, safety is our paramount concern when creating our work uniforms. We obviously aim to make our clothing look attractive, but our main goal is to provide companies with workwear that meets all the relevant safety regulations, is extremely comfortable and capable of withstanding everything your job throws at them.

There are many potential hazards when working in the construction industry. There’s the risk of materials falling off buildings or banging your head on items being moved around site. You must be wary of heavy goods vehicles transporting goods and be prepared to work in all types of weather conditions. Not forgetting the flammable risk that comes from certain working environments.

At Lindstrom, we have thought of everything to keep you safe and sound at work. We have created a comprehensive range of construction clothing that has been specifically designed with the workforce in mind. Our Hi-Vis Pro collection provides staff with excellent visibility in all conditions. They are also highly durable and made from the finest material with EN ISO 20471 certified colours and excellent colour fastness. Our jackets are an ideal and durable solution when high visibility and good protection against dirt is required.

We supply companies with the most effective hi-vis jackets that meet the stringent EN ISO 20471:2013 regulations. This means your staff can work safely in all conditions and in complete comfort. Made from Pro Outdoor 235 and available in a range of sizes, our fluorescent yellow or orange and charcoal jackets will ensure all eyes are on your staff when they hit the site.

More than one million people a day use effective workwear from Lindstrom. Workers can spend up to eight hours a day in their work uniforms, sometimes even longer, so it’s important that their clothing looks good and feels great alongside all the health and safety requirements. That’s why Lindstrom remains the market leader when it comes to rental workwear.

Not only do our products look fantastic, but you can also rest safe in the knowledge that we will take care of your clothing maintenance, repairs and replacements. Our rental service can ensure your staff will always have access to clean and hygienic clothing in order to get the job done. If your hi-vis jacket suffers a tear, we can repair and replace with like-for-like items.

Our service models are also flexible to your needs. As the seasons change or work tasks vary, your order volumes will also adjust accordingly. Our locker restocking service is also more cost effective, saving your company money in the long-term.

Take advantage of our workwear rental service that always meets the latest standards, is always clean and available, is a more sustainable option for the environment and allows you to focus on your core business.

With more than 170 years’ experience in the clothing rental service, we offer the best workwear rental and laundry solutions to your needs. If you are looking for quality hi-vis jackets to rent for your workforce, speak to our team today on 01234 343 555 or email info.uk@lindstromgroup.com

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