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At Lindström we care, and we care for our employees. That’s why we love hearing about their thoughts on working at Lindström.

We recently visited our Industrial Wiper Service centre,  in Bradford, to catch up with one of our drivers.

What is your job role and how long have you worked at Lindström?

My names Allan McGregor, I’ve been here for 10 years and really enjoy the job, and now Lindström have taken over, I continue to work here. I’m a delivery driver, delivering all around Blackburn, Lancashire, Leeds on Tuesdays,  Bristol and parts of the South West on Wednesday and Thursday. I’m on my own quite a lot of the time, but I quite enjoy that really.

What do you like most about working at Lindström?

I like working at Lindström, the job is so varied and you meet so many different people. I’ve got a lot of friends through my job in different places. I’m a Bradford City fan, and because I deliver to Bristol, I have a lot of laughs with the Bristol City fans. Its really good in that respect.

I love talking to the customers, from the one guy mechanics, small firms, to the very large customers who we serve nationwide. Delivery drivers meet so many different customers, which comes down to the fact that Lindström provide a service in so many different industries, from food to the print industry, it shows the business is continuing to grow, and it’s great job security for me personally, which makes it a good place to work.

I like to hear the customer feedback, and at the moment, this has mainly been based around the new wipe smart units, the customers seem to love them, and I guess to shows that Lindström are innovating.

What do you least like about working at Lindström?

It’s got to be the early starts, with the rounds I do, I’m usually up around 4 or 5am, and because Lindström keep growing there seems to be more of them! It’s exciting though, visiting different parts of the UK, it keeps me busy.

What would you tell your friends about Lindström?

I would tell them that they are a Finnish company, a lot of people don’t initially realise, but I get asked all the time. I would also say they have been running for over 170 years, and they are a good company to work for! We had a celebration for the 170th birthday of Lindström earlier this year, everyone across the offices got together which was really nice.

What do you find most challenging about your job?

At the moment its the route changes, particularly in the south, due to increasing demands. Which means getting used to where to deliver to new customers, so I would say thats probably the most challenging, but then I do enjoy that part, visiting new parts of the UK and new people.

How important is it to have the support of the site manager, Phil?

Its really important to have the support of a manager who we can trust, he is there every time you need him, night or day. We also have Jo in customer services as well as the rest of the team. Jo communicates a lot with us drivers, as well as the customers and the warehouse team.  Everyone gets on well, and works well together. I think its good to have the relationship between customer services, the manager and the warehouse. For me it improves communication between all the staff, and its why we work so well together.

What are you most looking forward to at Lindström?

I’m looking forward to how Lindström will continue to grow the business, and which new areas of the UK I will be delivering to.

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