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Lindstrom Can Keep Railway Workers On Track

The recent coronavirus crisis has showcased the best and worst of human behaviour. On the positive side, we have seen more than 500,000 people volunteer in the UK to help the NHS in its hour of need and communities have come together to ensure the elderly, lonely, vulnerable and infirm have access to food and someone to talk to.

It has also shone a torch on the negative side of society. We have seen unscrupulous businessmen refusing to pay their staff, some shops trying to exploit the situation by increasing prices of essential items by 100% and others just steadfastly refusing to listen to the social distancing advice presented by the Government.

It has also raised the issue of health and safety measures for public facing workers such as delivery drivers, shop workers and those in the rail industry.

People working on the rail network are in constant contact with members of the public. With so many contact points on a train and at train stations, such as buttons that open the train doors, tables, chairs and escalators, there is a huge potential for germs to spread. We are exceptionally proud of these key workers who continue to provide in their line of work.

At Lindstrom we can protect rail workers with a wide range of effective clothing options and by providing them with our effective industrial wipers to hygienically wipe surfaces clean.

Rail workers require a corporate uniform that is smart, practical and comfortable. They are the ones who paint a positive image for the company, so they must look the business while serving customers. We can provide your workforce with the most cost-effective solution for work trousers, jackets, shirts and more.

As leading corporate uniform suppliers, Lindstrom provides an unrivalled service from initial consultation to aftercare. All employees are measured by one of our fitting and alteration specialists, while determining the number of garments required by each member of staff, before deciding on colours, branding and the decision of replacement intervals.

Our workwear rental and laundry service experts will then deliver hygienically fresh uniforms to your staff daily. Soiled items will then be taken away and hygienically cleaned, while those items that have been damaged slightly will be sent to be repaired or replaced.

Lindstrom offers rail operators with a sustainable and eco-friendly workwear option. Your staff will never have to worry about not having enough clean uniforms again and we can provide an abundance of wipers and absorption products to clean up leaks and spills. And during this difficult time we would like to express our sincere gratification to our delivery drivers and those working in production for maintaining our exceptional service.

If you would like to learn more about our range of corporate uniform options, our workwear rental and laundry service or about our industrial wipers, please call us today on 01234 480 367 or email info.uk@lindstromgroup.com

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