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Lindstrom’s Investment in the UK Industrial Wiper Service

Industrial wipers play a crucial role in many businesses. However, there is only one dedicated UK wiper laundry, which opened in 1992 and has received little investment during this time.

This plant isn’t able to treat laundry discharge to today’s high modern standards, and as a result, more than 50% of all industrial wipers in the UK are being exported into the EU for cleaning and laundering. The extended geographical range of this service puts a cost on industrial wipers and rags’ carbon footprint and does not provide the most reliable service.


World Class Laundry Facility

Lindstrom is investing £11m in developing a new state-of-the-art laundry, safeguarding and creating jobs in Bradford and the UK. The modern facility will be kitted out with the latest and most ecologically sound technology for cleaning industrial wipers.

Our new treatment plant will be able to process 120m3 of wastewater each day with no drain discharge. The plant will recover and remove solvents and inks from the facility, and these will be used as fuel elsewhere or in cement works.

The system will cost around £4m with world-class bespoke technology capable of handling a mix of oils, solvents, and contaminants. The design incorporates energy recovery and abatement measures to deal with solvent emissions linked to laundering industrial wipers.


A Sustainable & Reliable Wiper

Lindstrom is creating a sustainable solution that leverages the circular economy and further amplifies our environmental values and those that many of our customers strive to achieve.

Our industrial wipers are made from recycled cotton and without the use or inclusion of polyester. Cotton is a sustainable crop and has a lower carbon price compared to synthetic materials such as polyester.

We can recycle our wipers twelve times prior to them becoming waste. This achievement allows us to reduce waste by 90% compared to single-use disposable products. The recyclable nature of our rags and wipes plays a crucial role in attaining a modest carbon footprint compared to disposable wiper solutions. In addition to this, we have seven depots, which further reduce our carbon footprint by placing ourselves closer to our customers.

Our cotton wiper rags are an excellent choice because they are strong and absorbent. Available in a range of sizes, they give the same effect obtained from three disposable wipes.

Our clients enjoy a fully automated service that negates the need for ordering and stock management. More industrial wipers arrive at your door before you run out, and there is no storage and disposal for your business to organise. We distribute them around your facility, saving you even more time.

By using our industrial wiper service, your business can eliminate a hazardous waste stream while enjoying extra benefits such as a cost-effective service that saves you time.

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