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How Our Wiper Rental Service Help Stops Bacteria Spreading

Disposable wiper rags have a host of problems associated with their use. They are costly and unfriendly to the environment creating mountains of waste at landfills. Furthermore, your company, organisation, or facilities manager spends unnecessary time continually ordering new stock, moving it in and out of stockrooms, and potentially running out of rags when they are most needed.

Our wiper rag rental solution provides 100% cotton wiper rags that are of the highest quality. They are soft of hands, making them a practical washroom or kitchen cleaning and disinfecting item. They are also strong, enabling them to be used in industrial, production, and maintenance settings, handling oil, ink, and liquid spills with ease.

Whether you use wiper rags for wiping, mopping, or as part of your company’s hygiene drive to prevent the spread of harmful germs, viruses, or bacteria, these wipes are a perfect choice.

Always Have Clean Wipers To Hand

Our wiper rags rental solution is a cost-effective approach for always ensuring your company or organisation has clean wipers to hand. Your operating costs become fixed and predictable, making managing budgets as straightforward as possible.

We take the hassle and administrative tasks off your shoulders, so you no longer need to worry about keeping adequate levels in your stockroom. With replenishment fully managed by our team, you have more time to focus on running your business.

Hygienic Cleaning Service

Our drivers deliver clean wiper rags straight into the free dispensers we provide, with on-premises distribution putting them right where your team needs them. After use, your workers, visitors, or cleaners place the dirty or contaminated wiper rags in the collector bins, ready for collection by our drivers. The frequency and quantity of collection and supply are carefully matched to the heartbeat of your company, ensuring you always have access to clean industrial cleaning cloths.

Our wiper rag rental is a resource and environmentally friendly solution. We are able to launder our wiper rags many times, creating a sustainable resource that keeps the industrial cogs turning without the waste associated with disposable items. The condition is checked during the laundry process, and any damaged items are replaced.

The laundering of the used rags is undertaken in our specialist commercial washers. All bacteria and viruses are killed during this process, and clean and dirty materials never come into contact with each other through the entire collection, delivery, and professional washing process, preventing cross-contamination.

Lindstrom’s industrial rags rental will save you the costs and environmental implications of using disposable materials, minimise your logistic responsibilities and tasks, and ensure you never run out and experience downtime or unhygienic conditions.

We offer the best customer service and the best quality reusable wipers in the UK. To discuss the benefits and cost-savings of wiper rag rental, please contact our team today.

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