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How Does Flame Retardant Clothing Work?

Flame retardant clothing is necessary for a number of industries, such as manufacturing and engineering. Welders, electricians, and anyone who works around open flames should wear suitable flame retardant clothing and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

If you work in an environment where naked flames, high temperatures, or chemicals are in use, then your employer must supply flame retardant overalls. Wherever there is a risk of injury, burns, or scalding due to flash fires, combustible dust explosions, or electric arc events, your health and safety are at risk if you do not take the proper precautions.

As a business or business owner, you are required, as a duty of care, to keep your workers safe, as stipulated by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. You should supply your workers with flame retardant clothing, identified by the following standards:

EN ISO 11611 EN470 – Welding Protection Clothing
EN ISO 11612:2008 – Flame and Heat Protection Clothing
EN ISO 14116 EN533 – Flame Protection Clothing
EN 61482-1-2:2007 – Electric Arc Protection Clothing

What Is Flame Retardant Clothing & How Does It Work?

The fabric and special coatings used in flame retardant clothing can withstand ignition or have the ability to self-extinguish and will not break open, exposing the skin. Non-fire-resistant clothing, on the other hand, will continue to burn until it is extinguished or until the fire has consumed all flammable material.

Any accessories, such as zips and buttons, must be made from non-conductive materials that will not melt onto the skin. Buttons on non-flame retardant clothing can conduct heat or electricity, burning the wearer’s skin. Flame retardant clothing also offers thermal insulation to protect the skin from high temperatures.

Is Flame Retardant Workwear Really Safe?

Flame retardant clothing is not necessarily fireproof, but it is designed to give the wearer valuable seconds to escape the fire hazard while protecting the wearer from splashes of molten metal and directly applied heat or fire.

Fire retardant overalls must be checked and maintained. Repairs made to fireproof clothes must be carried out by an expert or replaced if an effective repair is not deemed possible

Lindstrom’s flame retardant workwear is part of the workwear rental solution. Our workwear rental provides high-quality garments made to the required regulations. The garments are collected, inspected, repaired, or replaced and laundered on a regular schedule, as dictated by your business.

We created the workwear rental scheme to provide a more cost-efficient alternative for businesses, with a lower lifetime cost, compared to buying new. Furthermore, you and your business are freed from the hassle of maintaining and laundering the clothes, with Lindstrom ensuring all workers have access to clean, smart, and well-maintained workwear when they need it.

It is vital not to neglect your duty of care as an employer. For more information on our flame retardant workwear rental scheme, please contact our team today.

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