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Global Togetherness

Currently operating in 24 different countries, Lindström is one of Europe’s leading textile service companies with over 170 years of experience in the textile industry, yes, 170 years! We offer solutions for the cleanliness and interior design of facilities, corporate clothing and protection.

We aim to strengthen the corporate image of our customers and make everyday life easier with the help of our services. I’m sure you are aware that textiles services are a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly way of taking care of a company’s textile needs.

Our goal is to expand geographically and to increase our market share in the long term, but our success is backed up by strongly conceptualised operations that ensure the quality of operations, uniform service and responsibility in all our countries of operation.

All of our employees work together in every department to strive towards growth and to continue to provide the best possible service for our customers.

Next week, we look ahead to 2019 and beyond, at the global Sales and Marketing meeting in Tallinn, where employees from across Lindström’s network will come together to discuss current strategies, and how we can continue to improve our service.

We will look to build on visions set, especially looking at how we can continue to improve the value we create for our customers in everything we do. Our employees in each of our 24 countries of operation continuously work together  to take care of our customers, give them the best service and make our customers proud of working with us. Creating excellent customer experience, which lies in the heart of all our operations.

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