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Flame-retardant clothing rental service

Flame-retardant clothing is essential for workers in many industries, including professions with welding or electrical processes. For these workers, being properly equipped with quality workwear is not just desired, it is essential.

Ensuring your organisation takes care of the occupational health and safety of its employees is vital. To meet these needs, your workforce may need specialist clothing with flame-retardant, anti-ARC flash, chemical splash, or anti-static properties.

Employees should start the day with clean and hygienic work-wear, which also benefits your company by creating the right first impression and a professional image. However, achieving these standards is hard if your company purchases clothing for its workers. So, what is the solution to meeting these work-wear needs?

The benefits of flame-retardant rental clothing

The solution to always clean and hygienic flame-retardant clothing is a clothing rental service. Overall, rental clothing is more affordable than buying new. This is a cost-effective solution for organisations because they can avoid the costs of logistics, repairs, cleaning, replacing, and providing seasonal collections to employees.

Work uniforms are not only always fresh but are fit for purpose, particularly for welders and electrical engineers, this includes all clothing such as flame-retardant jackets, overalls and trousers

Our flame-retardant clothing for welders meet the following safety standards:

• EN ISO 11611:2015, A1, B1, C1, E3, and F1
• EN ISO 11612:2015 A1 Class 2

Our flame-retardant clothing for electrical engineering professionals meet the following safety standards:

• EN ISO 11612, A1, B1, C1
• EN 61482-1-2 Class 1

These uniforms have the required durability to withstand the assignments of welders, electricians, and other workers who need flame-retardant clothing. Not only will they start each day with clean clothing, but also hygienic clothing. There is an important distinguishing factor here and our laundry service cleans but also removes bacteria and other pathogens, from the professional uniforms.

Our flame-resistant work-wear is tailored to the individuals’ measurements and size. We will help your company with fitting advice in the initial fitting stage. We will also make any alterations needed, such as shortening the legs or arms of the work-wear.

We will help you determine the number of uniforms that each worker will require and make clothing repairs when required. All of this means that you can focus on your core business, removing the hassle and time of maintaining and choosing work uniforms.

Lindstrom work-wear solutions

Lindstrom provides a wide range or work-wear solutions. We provide construction workers, nurses in healthcare, aerospace engineers, warehouse staff, bar and restaurant workers, and hotel staff with the clothing they need. Our solutions include high-visibility clothing and sustainable work-wear for companies who want an option that is easier on the environment.

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