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Comic Relief at Lindström!

Can you notice anything different about our workwear team in Manchester? I’m guessing it didn’t take long to spot it right? Yes, all our workwear team are wearing red noses for this years Comic Relief!








We have team members from production, customer service, operations and marketing taking part to support  a great charity. The team have been busy as always working hard to provide a great service to all our customers whilst supporting Comic Relief 2019!

Comic Relief supports vulnerable people and communities in the UK and internationally. Mental health is one of the areas Comic Relief have been able to fund and investments from donations include therapeutic services, services for young people, campaigning and policy change work, anti-stigma and discrimination work. Comic Relief have been working to improve the mental health and support networks for people experiencing or at risk of poor mental health, to increase the accessibility and appropriateness of mental health support services for those most in need.

Comic relief are working with local organisations in the UK and around the world who’ve proven that their approach to solving people’s problems work. For the last ten years Comic Relief have supported work that meets the need of children and young people, including, making sure they are protected from violence, exploitation and abuse, have improve access to quality non-formal education, training and more.

Comic Relief have been funding work around safe and secure shelter for marginalised communities for over 25 years. They have supported essential services to support people who are homeless across the UK, as well as providing psychological support for refugees and asylum seekers as well as helping communities in informal settlements across the world improve their own communities.

Comic Relief have been funding work tackling gender-based violence and support women and girl’s activism globally since Comic Relief began. In the UK they have supported community organisations delivering vital services like the National Domestic Violence Helpline and supported organisations working together to create big changes, like the Refugee Women’s Charter.

Comic Relief’s vision is to create a world free from poverty, and they are funding amazing organisations doing brilliant things. To find out more information, or donate please visit



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