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Unlock more resources with textile rental

Renting is the most sustainable and cost-effective solution to your textile needs.

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Renting is the most sustainableand cost-effective solution toyour textile needs.

Mats for your workshop. Workwear for your cleanroom. Clean linen for your hotel. Whatever your needs are, textile rental is the smart move forward. The more we take care of your textile needs, the more you can care about your business.

Benefits of renting
The Lindström touch
Solutions that fit your textile needs delivered with the highest quality standard
Smart savings
Textiles as a service provides cost-efficiency and less hassle
Sense the sustainability
Offering choices that feel right for people and plane
Show you care
Dedicated to putting care in every thread, so that you can easily present your best side.
Renting with Lindström
We provide you with the right textiles when and where you need them.
We guarantee our textiles meet your safety and quality requirements down to the last thread.
We are 100% committed to reducing the environmental impact of textiles.
We help you do more by taking the hassle out of textile management.
Going it alone
You make sure you have the right textiles when and where you need them.
You make sure your textiles meet your industry’s hygiene and safety requirements.
You are responsible for staying up to date on the sustainable use and reuse of textiles.
You commit resources to non-core processes like textile management and laundry services.
Your textile needs answered
When your business has regular use for textiles you are best off with a partner whose business is renting textiles.
By learning more about your exact needs, we offer solutions that fit your everyday. We have honed the entire process of textile renting for 175 years,. And use our expertise to offer a smooth, safe and sustainable experience.
Every step of textile renting serves you, your business, and your employees from initial design and regular delivery of fresh textiles to the collection after use. The main thing is that you always have the textiles you require when and where you need them.
The everyday cycle of textile services includes regular care from cleaning and repair to replacement. By taking on logistics and upkeep, we make sure your textiles are delivered in line with the standards of your business.
We regularly evaluate that the textiles fulfil safety and quality requirements. When they have run their course, we take care of the disposal. Your everyday cycle revolves on but the individual textiles will be recycled or reused, making the most of the material.
As your partner, our aim is to continuously develop the service cycle. The more you use textile services, the more data accumulates. That allows us to together optimise and develop your business – and you to better serve your customers.
Real customer stories tell more than us
For us, Lindstrom is not the one who manages our uniform, but we look them as our partner in the journey to be compliant with the current as well as proposed GMPs.
R. Arvind Babu, | Director- Facilities Management, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
I must say that Lindström is one such service provider which has earned the reputation of providing safe, clean and secure workwear service not only to us but to all it’s customers.
Soumick Gupta | Operations Manager, Hyderabad, Mondelez India Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Mondelez International
Our SQMS rating has gone up in the last 5-6 years, resulting in more business.
Mr Bhupinder Singh, MD and CEO | MD and CEO, Vista Foods
Vista Foods

Renting benefits everyone

Brand & Human Resources
Brand & Human Resources

Image and people are your strong points. You want a partner who can take care of your textile needs with style and consistency.

Production managers
Production managers

You are close to the action every day. Get a partner who takes care of your textile needs without you getting your hands dirty.

Purchasing manager
Purchasing manager

Time and money are on your mind every day. You deserve a partner who takes care of your textile needs on time and on budget.

Quality Manager
Quality Manager

As a Quality Manager, rely on our cleanroom products to meet your standards, reduce contamination risk, and save time. With full transparency, focus on your core competence and leave the rest to us.

Sustainable revolution

At Lindström, we review our strategy constantly and update it every five years, to make sure that we keep up with the times. Lindström has practiced and promoted sustainable ways of working for decades. We have long practiced good corporate social responsibility with regard to the environment, our employees and also our customers’ own sustainability aspirations and have always strived to raise the bar for responsibility and sustainability. Our passion and commitment are to make sustainable decisions every day, and we aim to be the most sustainable company in our industry.

175 years of history with Lindström group

With 175 years of experience in the textile industry, we are a textile service company focused on making our customers’ lives easier in Europe and in Asia.

At Lindström, we focus on making our customers’ lives easier by supporting them to shine and their businesses to grow. Our easy-to-use textile services are a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly way of taking care of a company’s textile needs. We strive to create value for our customers in everything we do, executed with excellent customer experience.

% textiles recycled