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A cost-efficient and sustainable solution for your premises everyday.

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A cost-efficient and sustainable solution for your premises everyday.

Discover Hassle-Free Cleanliness with Our Mat Rental Service

Our mat rental service provides an efficient, cost-effective way to enhance your building’s cleanliness and style.
Our service seamlessly integrates into your operations to enhance your environment. Experience the simplicity of a complete mat management program, tailored to your business’s unique needs.
We handle it all – from selecting the perfect mats for your company, to cleaning, delivery, storage, and disposal. Effortlessly simple with us!
Just marvel at your clean, stylish, and comfortable premises, while we make the most of your mats.

Why Businesses Choose Lindstrom Mat Service: A Cut Above the Competition

We offer you a solution that is:

• Flexible and cost-efficient.

• Right finishing touch to interior design.

• Designed for easy use and durability.

• Delivered to you on agreed basis according to your need.

• Reused to create new.

Discover Hassle-Free Cleanliness with Our Mat Rental Service

% reduction in cost
% decrease in dirt
times better preservation of floor tiles, carpets

How to cut cleaning costs with our mat service?

This is how our MAT service works.
How to cut cleaning costs?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I know for what period the invoice was issued? Where is the information for what period the invoice was issued?

These data are provided on the invoice in the table, e.g. week 21/12 means that the bill is in week 12 of 2021.

What does “Date of service” mean on the invoice? Does not match the actual date the mat was replaced at my location.

This is the last day of the billing period. Mat rental is a continuous service.

Can I change how often I replace my floor mats?

Yes, we carry out exchanges once a week, once every two weeks, once every four weeks. The frequency reduction cannot exceed 50%.

Can I change the number of floor mats serviced?

Yes, the number of rented mats can be increased freely, the reduction cannot exceed 50% of the mats serviced.

add If I change the frequency of mat service, will the unit price for the service also change?

Yes. The unit price may change in accordance with the contract.

Can I suspend the mat service?

The terms of suspension were agreed in the contract. Specific cases will be considered individually.

Can I replace the standard floor mat with a personalized design mat?

No, currently we do not provide the design mats with customizations. Only standard mats are provided.

What is the notice period?

The notice period depends on the arrangements and provisions in the contract.

How can I check the dates of planned replacements at my location?

On the eLindstrom platform or by contacting our consultant.

How can I access the eLindstrom platform?

By contacting the Customer Service Office.

Is it possible to obtain a duplicate invoice?

Yes, it is necessary to report your desire to receive a duplicate invoice to the Customer Service Office via eLindstrom.

How can I report a complaint, comment or praise?

All applications are accepted via the eLindstrom platform.

What do you gain by using the Lindström floor mat service?

Safety and cleanliness

Lindström entrance mat service and rental ensures a representative, clean and tidy space in your company, strengthening its image. We pay attention to optimizing the needs of our clients, one of the indicators is the time spent on cleaning the facilities. Thanks to the entrance mats, it is shortened to perform the necessary activities. Mats effectively eliminate

70% of dirt and dust from shoes
Absorbs up to 5 liters of water
Reduces cleaning costs by up to 40%

When designing Lindström entrance mats, we take into account the adaptation of products to occupational health and safety recommendations. Meeting these requirements ensures the usefulness of the mats in every facility and company, from hotels to shopping centers, offices and residential buildings.

Compliance with occupational health and safety and fire protection recommendations. is a guarantee of safety in your company, Lindström adds another value – preventing potentially dangerous situations such as slips or strains associated with standing work. By eliminating the above factors and maintaining cleanliness in the room, you are a reliable business partner who takes care of every detail of your business. You are a reliable employer and you run your company responsibly.

We design ergonomic mats for all types of standing professions, the catalog of classes covers a wide range of activities, from welding to office work. The mats are designed to reduce the load on the spine and legs and have a significant impact on well-being at work. Ergonomic mats prevent dangerous slips in the workplace, such as the kitchen.

Lindström mats ensure the image of your company and high quality customer service

Thanks to our unique mats, you have the opportunity to:

Strengthen the image of your company,
Tell about your products in a unique way,
Improve sales rates,
Improve the quality of customer service.
Mats designed and manufactured in Lindström are an element of interior design that also serves other purposes in your facilities. Unleash your imagination and decorate your company’s space with personalized mats consistent with your company’s image!

See for yourself that we respond to the needs of our clients. Get inspired by our customers’ mats!

With the Lindström offer you save!

Lindström mats are of excellent quality that stand the test of time and wear.
Forget about mats that you have to throw away after a few months and choose our mat service, it is a guarantee that you will always have clean entrance mats in your company spaces!

Lindström entrance mat service means shorter cleaning time in the facilities you use. Even the worst rain and snow will ensure a high level of appearance of your premises. Properly placed and appropriate mats will keep moisture and dirt out right at the entrance door. By choosing Lindström entrance mats, we guarantee that the floor will be kept clean and protected against slipping.

Lindström ergonomic mats are the perfect solution for standing tasks, from welding to office work. Reducing the load on the limbs and spine improves well-being and reduces the number of sick days. An additional advantage of the mats is the prevention of potential slips in places such as kitchens or shops, including car shops.


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