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OSI Vista Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd.

9.11.2017 #customerexperience

9.11.2017 #customerexperience

Setting the standards

OSI Vista Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd is a leading processor of frozen and chilled foods, supplying to food service and fast food providers in India and around the world. High standards are part of Vista Foods’ DNA, meaning that sustainability, safety, and efficient processes are consistently developed and furthered with high standards upheld at all stages of production.

Built on trust and dependability

The everyday challenges of Vista Foods are not unique. But, they are uniquely situated. Vista Foods has been a leader of standards in India, being a spearhead in the country by receiving official food certifications already in the 1980s. Today, the idea of setting the standards continues for all workers at Vista. This means they need workwear to support these tasks.

“We found, in India, it was difficult to find the right standards for outsourcing our rental workwear needs. When we got to know Lindström, we saw that they were up to our high standards and we want to work with companies that share our values in serving their own customers well”, explains Production Head, Dr Sunil Nalavade.

This choice was built on confidence: “Big brands are always focused on hygiene and safety. Lindström was a great choice because they match up with that criteria of our customers with their great service and standards”, they continue.

Ultimate comfort and feeling confident

Currently, all processing employees, both permanent and contract-based, wear Lindström workwear, and in the future more office staff will also wear the workwear in the plant-based offices.

According to Vista Foods’ Ms Anagha Kadam, Senior HR Manager, “very importantly, Lindström’s services have helped us to reduce unnecessary communication of the staff, which saves lots of time and efforts on uniform issues. Also, it has saved our time by getting all types of workwear under one roof – such as for operations, engineering, chef, and also office staff”.

Furthermore, the temperatures are set low in the processing facilities, so the workwear needs to provide protection from the environment.

This makes it even more important that shift officers and workers can focus on their jobs, and not worry about having clean, protective uniforms available – and that is where Lindström’s products live up to the task: “The protective workwear, with the shoes and the gloves, help me work well in cold temperatures. Because the cleaning is taken care of for us, this eases pressure on us and helps make a safer workplace. This is very important”, explains a happy Vista Foods employee.

More than that, “I feel good in my workwear because it is nice to share the professional look with my coworkers in our clean uniforms. Lindström workwear looks smart and looking great helps me feel even more pride in the work and focus on my tasks”, he adds.

How has cooperation felt?

“It is wonderful working with Vista Foods. They are a professional organization who respects the professionalism of their service providers. Our relationship has been built up on the trust they have for our services and our timely resolution of any operational challenges faced related to workwear during the production. We consider them more than a customer, as we collectively and constantly explore ways of creating value for each other”, explains Sanjeev Verma, Lindström Business Unit Manager, India.

“Our SQMS rating has gone up in the last 5-6 years, resulting in more business”.

– Mr Bhupinder Singh, MD and CEO

In thinking of the future, Managing Director and CEO, Mr Bhupinder Singh of Vista Foods adds: “I would like to say that we like the projects that Lindström works with in terms of sustainability. We like to show our own customers this as well. From the time when we have been working with Lindström, our rating has gone up as we have an increasingly positive presence with our customers”.

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“The workers start their work day with satisfaction on their face.”

– Ms Anagha Kadam, Sr. HR Manager