Returnable Shopping Bag – A Step Towards Plastic-Free India

Lindström India proudly announces its association with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), launching an innovative initiative to make India plastic-free.

Plastic is regarded as the biggest hazard to mankind and the environment today. With the objective to save the world from plastic pollution, Lindström India with FSSAI, has launched ‘Eat Right Jhola’ – the returnable shopping bags that are perceived to revolutionize shopping experiences with sustainable development opportunities.

The Eat Right Jholas (returnable shopping bags) are made from 100% recyclable cotton fabric and are suitable to carry 8 kilograms of weight. These will be available at the check-out counters of Lindström Indias partner retail chain outlets at a nominal price. Once used, customers can return the Jholas and get new ones. The returned Jholas will be thoroughly washed and sanitized to ensure superior hygiene and safety, and longer shelf life. With this project, we strive to promote the use of recyclable and cotton shopping bags instead of plastic, making this world a healthy and safe place to live in.

Benefits of returnable shopping bag services

1)Environment friendly product helping India to become plastic-free.

2)Empowering people to participate in ecological revolution.

3) Hygienic compared to normal bags

4) Recycling after use, no need to throw away when gets dirty.

5) Customer loyalty as they return to their local store.

6) No headache of maintaining stocks.

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A Returnable shopping bag encourages consumers to return unnecessary bags back into circulation

This way we will prevent the increase of plastic in the nature!
• Used bags return to customers for washing and proper maintenance the bags are checked and repaired if necessary. This ensures the longest possible life and good condition of the bags.
• In addition, our industrial laundry is precisely optimized for water, detergent and energy  consumption.
• When our textiles are disabled, we remove them responsibly.