Speaker – Mr. K. L. Raghunandan, Senior Lead Auditor, DNV –GL

Webinar Date – 8th November 2019 | 12:00 to 13:45 Hrs

Topic of Webinar- How an audit plays an important role in customer experience

  • How High-Level Structure (HLS) of new standards are designed to help customers to have better experience with latest version of standards
  • IMS – QMS, EMS, OHS and FSMS how audits will be better audit experience of customers
  • Safety management – what is top driver required for origination such as – Safeguarding workers’ well-being, laws and regulations, or policies with leadership commitment.
  • Why Food safety important to companies – is it to safeguard the health of consumers or needs and requests of consumers
  • Investments in sustainability integration in the mid-term future – what is long term investment 10 % or same or more than today’s 90% for energy savings, water saving potential etc
  • How from audits identified risks and its mitigation plans will help customers in in meeting specified objectives of long term or short term

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