Healthcare textiles with years of experience

Lindström is the trusted global partner for healthcare professionals. With a diverse selection of healthcare textiles, decades of experience from the textile rental business and with certified processes in place to ensure infection prevention and control in healthcare facilities, we have the answers to your uniform, linen and patient wear challenges. The seamless end-to-end (E2E) textile services (including Sourcing, Fit, Laundering, Transportation, Storage and Disposal) help you focus on your core activity of excellence in patient care. We help optimize your resource consumption and costs.

Benefits of rental textile services for Healthcare:

Safety for your personnel and patients - Lindstrom

Safety for your personnel and patients : Protect your patients and medical staff from contamination. We monitor and ensure highest hygiene compliances throughout the service process

Always Availability of quality textiles - Lindstrom

Availability of quality textiles: Always available hygienically clean textiles, tailored to your need. Top quality products designed to improve patient experience and enhance caregiver comfort

Reliability Turquoise Logo - Lindstrom

Reliability of the service: Cost-efficient, transparent solution with no hidden costs. Digitally supported textiles enables real-time monitoring of product life-cycle

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