A Sustainable Support for fighting virus outbreaks – Lindström launches a Reusable Face Mask Service

The importance of personal hygiene is increasing globally and in order to further bolster the same, Lindström is now launching a new service aimed to support businesses with an increased safety measure in the personal hygiene front with a Reusable Face Mask.  

In the current global situation with the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of hygiene is gaining recognition. As there currently is no cure for the newly discovered coronavirus, the only way to prevent or slow down the transmission of it is to protect people from getting the virus in the first place. This happens mainly by supporting people to be hygienic, to wash hands more often and by helping them be more considerate around other people. The Reusable Face Mask Service introduced by Lindström aims to help in the latter. The fabric mask will help people to keep from touching their face which is a major source of infection and act as a barrier for droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when a person coughs or sneezes.

“With the service, we want to support our customers in keeping their business running as normal as possible despite the current global situation, by offering additional solutions which support in protecting their people and processes. With the introduction of the Reusable Face Mask Service, our customers don’t need to worry about the availability of the masks for all people nor do they need to worry about the handling of used masks in a hygienic way – we will take care of that. The key is the reusability of the fabric-made masks, which is not only a sustainable choice but also a hygienic one, as we take care of their washing at our certified laundries and then return the hygienic and clean masks to use again”, comments Marita Vuohensalo, Vice President, Workwear Services.

The Reusable Face Mask Service is aimed at companies with people working, for instance, in food processing, pharma or retail industries. The reusable mask is not to be considered as a medical device or PPE as it has no proven protective features.  The service will be available in all countries with Lindström operations in both Europe and Asia.

Lindström’s certified laundry process ensures cleanliness for the customer

Lindström´s service model guarantees microbiologically clean textiles as all Lindström´s service centers follow the EU standard EN-14065, which ensures the required hygiene level throughout the entire service process. Standard EN 14065 applies to the textiles used in pharmaceutical, medical, food, and cosmetics industries and health care. All the Lindström´s operating units are also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. In the case of the Reusable Face Masks Service, we follow a special laundry process meant for laundering infected workwear where the laundry process includes a combination of a special handling procedure as well as thermal and chemical disinfection that destroys microbes to ensure hygienic and sustainable products.


To know more about the service visit https://group.lindstromgroup.com/in/services/reusable-face-mask

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