When it comes to workplace clothing, providing up-to-date workwear is important. After all, good looking workwear isn’t just for fashion anymore – employees deserve better than inflexible and uncomfortable clothing. Clothing that was the standard for many years has since moved on, and for good reason!

So, how can you truly make progress within your workplace? How can these changes support your image? Different options exist to help you upgrade your industrial uniforms, such as through comprehensive rental services. Below are some of the most common questions on today’s workwear.

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Why should I reconsider the workwear of my employees?

If you’ve received feedback that the uniforms are less than awesome, it might be time to make some changes. And, if you’ve yet to receive such feedback, but you know that the workwear does not reflect your company in the right ways, it’s also time to make changes.

The global workwear market is expected to reach US$48.9 Billion by 2022, with Europe taking 30.8% of the market share*. This business is booming, and this reflects how companies around the world are looking into higher performing workwear, paired with more efficient care and maintenance.

Employee satisfaction and the drive to look and perform better are just two of the reasons why you should consider new options for high-quality workwear. Always remember – work clothing is a visible part of your image, which means it is difficult to overlook!

What do I need to consider in making the right choices?

Firstly, is it appropriate? Suitable and safe workwear are essential factors from the perspective of occupational safety and feeling comfortable at work. If an employee is comfortable and happy, he or she will perform better and more efficiently in the workplace. Looking good while working is an added bonus – and that is also a positive thing for your brand and image.

Secondly, is it tested and durable? Are you satisfied with the level of safety that it provides? It is important to use the correct garments at the workplace. From wherever you source your workwear, industry-specific legislation and operating models should be taken into consideration. For example, this can be ensured by renting workwear from reputable sources.

Building workwear logistics infrastructure

What will my employees look like?

When it comes to workwear options, there are a multitude of selections that you can choose from. From classic comfort to women’s workwear, high-image to visibility and safety, you can choose the best options for you and your business.

And the best part? If you’re not thrilled with your selection after a few months (although we’re sure you will be), you can always start over and rent a new line of workwear. That’s the best part of renting workwear.

Providing modern workwear for your employees has truly never been easier. We are in the age of front-line service people requiring more comfort and safety than ever before, which is a great opportunity for you to discover better solutions.

Don’t forget – renting is environmentally friendly

The Environmental Protection Agency states that 15.1 million tons of textile waste was generated in 2013, with 12.8 million tons discarded**. Companies are more and more conscious of their environmental footprint and are working to not contribute to the massive amounts of textile waste.

In ecological terms, renting workwear and the related services can be a good option. Items are reused and carefully maintained to extend their life cycle. That way they get a full life of use before needing to be repaired or retired. At Lindström, we handle textile waste with an ecological approach and continually develop our waste handling methods to serve the industry and protect the environment.

It’s also important to partner with an organization that aligns with your business goals and values. Consider working with a company that takes care of their employees, their customers, and the environment – the key word is ‘care’.

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