Cleanroom service – guaranteed hygiene, safety and reliability

We have more than 10 years of extensive experience in cleanroom services and nowadays serve our customers through five locations in Finland, Russia, China and India.

We provide our customers with a value-added cleanroom service guaranteeing the hygiene, safety and reliability of their processes. Our cleanroom services operate according to ISO 14644 and adhere to GMP procedures. We are constantly developing our cleanroom service by utilizing different innovations and technologies to improve our customers’ experience.

Cleanroom services are widely used in various industries where hygiene is important, such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, health care, stem cell technology, optics, microelectronics, food, automotive, nanotechnology, etc.

Benefits of cleanroom services

We guarantee your garments free from dust, viable organism or particles, therefore helping you to run your business smoothly and safety.

Our service follows GMP norms as well as international quality standards, which fulfill requirements also on international markets. We have a classified controlled area and a non-classified area for washing
& sorting, folding and packing, which minimize the risk of contamination.

We deliver cleanroom garments for your employees at agreed intervals. The volume of garments is directly scaled according to your needs, so there will be no shortage of garments at any point.

You do not need to tie up the capital of the company
or personnel resources in garment acquisition, maintenance or storing. You neither need to invest in building or expanding your own facilities.

Cleanroom garments have to be disposed of in a
sustainable manner. Since we take care of the entire
process, you can simply focus on your core business.

We are continuously developing our Cleanroom Service by utilizing different innovations and technologies. Through RFID, we can provide customer-specific online reporting about cleanroom garments’ status through the whole process, while managing the lifecycle of garments in a more transparent and efficient way. For example, with the
help of our RFID technology, you can get accurate
information about a garment’s lifecycle so that it is discarded when it cannot be used anymore.

This is how our service works

Did you know?

One cubic metre of ambient air contains over one billion particles that can easily travel indoors. All production
processes continuously generate particles. In fact, a single human being produces over 10 million particles per
day. These particles are often the cause of major challenges in hygiene-sensitive.

Workwear is a visible part of the corporate image

Presentable, appropriate work uniforms are an essential factor from the perspective of occupational safety and feeling comfortable at work. We offer the correct workwear solutions for companies and organisations of all sizes and for different fields – from health care to maintenance, from the food processing industry to the heavy metal industry. Tested, durable materials and rightly designed workwear ensures the safety of the employee.

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