After spending 170 years at the bottom of the sea, eleven bottles of champagne were sold at a 2012 auction in Finland. We can’t be certain, but one of those bottles could have been on its way to Carl August Lindstrom, who had a big reason to celebrate. In 1848, he founded a small dye house that served as the foundation of our company.

Since that day, we have grown a lot and now operate on a global scale. But even back then in the 19th century, we already had a grand vision of what we wanted to achieve.

Unstoppable in co-creating new future solutions

We think that the best innovations are born through co-creation with our customers. Did you know we try out a new idea almost every day of the year? We use our superhero powers to sink our teeth into challenges that our customers might not even be aware of.

To this end, we put on our superhero capes, and we travel the world. From Chennai in India, to Oulu in Finland — we work globally, to be perfect locally. This is how we ensure the success of ambitious projects — such as building the biggest IoT network in Finland or tagging over 10 million pieces of workwear with smart RFID technology.

Changing the world for our customers

We believe in caring for people and are fortunate to have employees who are fascinated by the opportunity to change the world for our customers. We call this a people first approach — making people first in everything we do.

We create services for our customers that will enable their everyday superheroes to work to their full potential — safely, comfortably and with high spirits. This is our grand vision and commitment to the people who put on our workwear. Who would not want to offer their best to everyday superheroes?

See our video, which includes some of our great milestones but also some unbelievable future views!

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