Integrating Sustainability in Value Chain

Integrating Sustainability in Value Chain

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The world has become extremely interconnected and interdependent. This is driven more by Global Value Chains, where despite the wide geographical distance, sourcing of materials and distribution and consumption of products is not restricted by borders or distances anymore. There are challenges which companies face due to evolving international regulations around climate change, environment impacts, social inequality, and other broad range of issues.  In this global scenario, the ever-growing emphasis on organizational responsiveness towards the environmental and societal impact of their products and services is changing the dynamics of the marketplace and the way organizations do business.

To stay competitive, organizations will have to work closely with their partners in the value chain by integrating sustainability/ESG agenda, for effective resource management and risk mitigation. If managed well, these challenges could provide an opportunity for businesses to drive impactful action, discover innovative solutions, build efficiencies, and enhance their market value as well as reduce waste, environmental footprint, improve labour conditions and health and safety. Thus, integrating sustainability across the entire value chain through an effective value chain management approach is not only the need of the hour but a business imperative.

The session will discuss on the importance of integration of sustainability/ESG in value chains and how it can be achieved. It will discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie while building a sustainable value chain. Also, it will deep dive into best practices of industry members and upcoming regulations that are a pathway for this integration.

Ms Swati Tewari ,Senior Counsellor, CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development
Mr Sanjay Khare, Vice President Safety & Sustainability Strategy, Skoda Auto Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr Jayant Roy , Managing Director, Lindstrom India
Mr Vishvesh Prabhakar, Managing Director, Growth & Strategy – Sustainability, Accenture
Mr Amitava Baksi, Chief Procurement Officer, Tata Steel


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