Mr. Prakash Mahanwar , Assistant Commissioner , FDA, reinforce the need for Hygiene & Compliance in Pharma at a “Global Pharma Cleanroom Community meet”  organized by Lindstrom India

Lindstrom India, organized “Global Cleanroom Community meet” on the importance of Compliance and Hygiene In Pharma Industry . As India is rapidly gearing up to become one of the largest Pharma manufacturing hubs in the world, the event was organized with the aim of building awareness and sensitivity towards Hygiene and growing regulatory Compliance among Pharmaceutical company.

The event brought together Industry stalwarts like Mr. Shyam Khante, Leading Pharma Consultant with over 40 year of Work Experience with Leading MNC, Mr. Shrikrishna Chunekar, Additional Director , Quality, Serum Institute of India Pvt Ltd, Ms Gauri Bhatia , Senior Microbiologist with 25 years of experience in Sterilisation.

While Mr Prakash Mahanwar highlighted the government’s initiatives to promote Pharmaceutical in the world, he also provided perspective on the current scenario in the industry.

Speaking at the community meet Mr. Khante said, ” Regulatory pressure will increase further and now Pharma must outsource all non-core activity to professionals for better regulatory compliances and management”

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