Youngster´s own mats

Youngsters Own Mats
The interiors of several youth centres are designed on the youngsters’ own terms – in several cases, they are involved in creating ideas and realising them. Young people enjoy being in spaces that look how they want them to look and that are designed to suit their hobbies. Lindström’s design mat is the perfect fit for youth centres as the young people can design the patterns of the mats themselves.

The Harju youth centre in Helsinki organised a mat design competition and the winners were made into Lindström design mats. They are now in everyday use in the youth centre. The colourful blue, yellow and orange mat was designed by Isla Cruz, Seela Halaste and Lotta Närvänen, who were all aged 10 or 11. The girls were full of excitement when their design, which was inspired by the lids of paint pots, was chosen to be turned into a real mat. The pink-toned Haaste mat was designed by Melina Molin, for whom the mat will make a great reference for her forthcoming studies and work.

The youngsters were happy to see that they were taken into account and that their skills were taken seriously.