Hotel Verso’s interior design combines functionality and comfort – hotel guests appreciate the investment in customer premises

Hotel Verso opened its doors in Jyväskylä in June 2016. When planning the new stunning hotel, it was essential to create a personal look which would also be functional in the hotel’s everyday operations as well as help maintain the cleanliness in the premises. Lindström’s mat, hygiene, hotel textile and workwear services were customized to create the hotel an individual ensemble which established the unified look of the hotel.

It was extremely important in planning the totality, that final solutions would serve one of the most important cornerstones of the hotel, cleanliness. Because of that reason, Lindström’s services are currently an essential part of Verso’s maintenance and hygiene. ”We always have clean premises”, hotel entrepreneur Ari Pärnänen promises.

Services specifically designed and implemented for the customer make the hotel’s everyday life easier and significantly improve comfort and customer experience of hotel guests. Guests have given a lot of positive feedback, praising the gorgeus and comfortable premises. Hotel Verso is supernal in reviews with great customer evaluations. The entrepreneur himself believes that the reason for success is the functional wholeness – great customer service, small details and comfortable, functional and clean premises which altogether build a framework which makes it easy to stand out from mainstream hotels.

In the planning phase, Hotel Verso was looking for a service provider that could credibly realize the hotel’s desires and requirements. According to Pärnänen, Lindström stood out as a partner because the services were designed and implemented from the very beginning on the hotel’s terms. The end result is a comfortable, functional interior where a unified color scheme runs thoughout the hotel all the way from mats to staff clothing.

  • The mats designed for Hotel Verso can be used to decorate in a new, unprecedented way. Mats have been used all around the hotel in customer premises, bathrooms, breakfast facilites, and hotel rooms.
  • In addition to mats, hotel rooms are also supplied with bed and bath linen.
  • Hotel bathrooms were decorated with custom painted towel, soap, and toilet paper dispensers.
  • Staff were clothed with stylish and practical uniforms which are also a part of the esthetical ensemble of the hotel.

Verso’s manager Elina Maukonen says that Lindström’s services have worked very well. The hotel staff does not have to worry about the premises because everything is taken care of as if by itself; mats are regularly changed to clean ones, there is always enough hand towels and soap and the staff always has clean uniforms in use. How you know that the service really works is that you actually don’t notice it at all – everything is always taken care of and the staff is available to take care of other things.

”The services are tailored just for us, we don’t have to worry about other than the invoice”, entrepreneur Ari Pärnänen confirms.

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