Darbo rūbų nuoma

Darbo drabužiai – tūkstančių darbuotojų visame pasaulyje kasdienybė. Vienose verslo srityse – tai vienintelė galimybė užtikrinti darbuotojo saugumą ir komfortą dirbant pavojingomis sąlygomis, kitose – būdas vienoda individualaus dizaino darbo apranga kurti patrauklų bendrovės įvaizdį.

Reasons why companies in Lithuania choose our service

Certified workwear that always
fulfill the latest standards

Always clean and safe
workwear available

Sustainable option that is
easier on the environment

Care free service that lets you
focus on your core business

This is how our service works

We help you map out your workwear needs for different tasks. This way we can ensure that the workwear fills all requirements in different duties in your company.

Once we have found the right workwear for each task, we fit the clothes for each employee to ensure their perfect fit. This is to make sure the clothes are comfortable and safe in use, preventing accidents in the work place.

We deliver the clean clothes at agreed intervals to each employees personal locker. At the same time, we pick up used clothes for our laundry. In our laundry, we also repair the garments when necessary – according to your company standards of course!

We recycle most workwear that can no longer be used for their original purpose. We give used workwear a new life as other products or discard them responsibly.

Our service pricing

Our workwear service is easy to budget – there are no hidden costs!

The overall cost is easier on your pocket than managing employee workwear laundry and logistics on your own.

Your monthly cost depends on your workwear needs; number of employees, industry you operate in, and your individual workwear needs. Get an offer today!

Susisiekite su mumis ir gaukite individualų pasiūlymą!

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