Mats that combine interior design and cleanliness

As Oy Sipoonranta Nautilus and Saalinki are four-storey housing blocks completed in the new and attractive Sipoonranta seaside residential area in 2011. The main idea of architects in designing the new residential area was to turn Sipoonranta into an easily approachable seaside town milieu. The atmosphere, materials, lighting, colours and vegetation of Sipoonranta have been done supporting the area’s warm theme.

“The mat service is an effortless solution.”
Joel Karvinen, Property Manager
Taloyhtiöpalvelut — Onnistutaan Ky

Sipoonranta’s need

A stylish solution supporting the overall look was sought for the residential building’s stylish and beautiful stair halls to keep the facilities clean and presentable and to promote the comfort of the residents. Even if a building’s stair hall is well-designed, stylish and clean in all other aspects, poor use of mats can ruin the overall look but good use of mats can emphasise the best characteristics.

The use of mats must also be an easy and effortless solution from the perspective of the property manager in charge of property maintenance. In muddy weather, a lot of dirt enters the stair halls on people’s feet but the correct and well-planned use of mats reduces the amount of dirt carried in, thus considerably reducing cleaning need and costs.


Lindström Mat Services were selected because of the cost-efficient manner of impacting the cleanliness of the facilities and because the services save both the time and effort of the property manager and housing management company.

The mats were designed in collaboration by Lindström and Interior Designer Helena Karihtala. Individual design mats designed by Helena were selected for the buildings that emphasise the desired look of the stair halls and the correct technical placement was carefully considered to stop dirt. The residents and property manager too have been pleased with the implementation that keeps the stair halls clean and stylish all year round regardless of the weather conditions.

“The mat service is effortless. The mats have worked well both technically and aesthetically in the facilities.”

Joel Karvinen,
Property Manager, Taloyhtiöpalvelut
Onnistutaan Ky