“At Lindström we find quality, efficiency and qualified personnel”

Anastas Kaloyanov, Manager, Porsche Sofia East

Porsche Sofia East Dealer Center, which is part of Porsche Inter Auto BG, takes care of 80 people and services at least 50 cars each day.

The company represents Bulgaria of Porsche Inter Auto Salzburg – one of the world’s largest automotive trading and service structures. It must maintain the quality and high standards of the Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi and Das WeltAuto brands on a daily basis.

In our partners, we seek the same quality of service that we offer

Anastas Kaloyanov, Manager of Porsche Sofia East, agrees, explaining that this is precisely why Lindström has remained a partner of Porsche since 2010.

“In Lindström we see quality of service, efficiency and, of course, qualified personnel who take control of every situation. When we wear branded clothing that feels and looks good, work becomes easier and enjoyable. Lindström work clothing provides comfort and safety, which leads to greater productivity.”

Hidden buttons are one of Volkswagen Group’s specific requirements for the work clothing of its employees. Hidden buttons do not leave scratches on the car’s paintwork, or marks on its body or interior.

An uncompromising focus on even the tiniest details is the team’s main philosophy. This ensures that their work is appreciated and customers are satisfied when they receive their vehicles. Comfort has to be guaranteed throughout the day, so that workers can focus on the vehicle rather than the kinds of minor issues that can distract everyday heroes.

Comfortable working gear is clearly one of the reasons that these superheroes feel good and satisfied at work.


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