Kolkata has often been regarded as a city of joy in India, perhaps because of the role their desserts play. As the food sector is a vital part of the city’s fabric, the workwear of the employee in this sector is also important. Thus Lindstrom’s food processing uniforms in Kolkata ensure that the food safety and hygiene requirements are fully met. We also offer restaurant uniforms to ensure the cleanliness and safety while handling food.

The corporate sector is also important to the city. And since corporate staff uniforms are a visible part of the corporate image, they must be presentable and appropriate.

Metal industry safety garments is another workwear service we provide. Our workwear solutions guarantee that you always have enough garments that are serviced to the highest hygiene, safety and comfort standards for the workplace while maintaining international standards.

We create a world-class experience with our uniform rental solution for your entire staff.

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