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Sustaining the Earth: Lindström India’s Allegiance to Global Climate Goals

In a world presenting us with the dire reality of climate change, many organizations are rising to the occasion by incorporating greener practices into their operations. Lindström India, a name synonymous with sustainable initiatives, diligently aligns its climate targets with its Finland-based parent company, Lindström Oy. 

Leadership with a Green Vision 

At Lindström India, the green baton is ably led by Managing Director Jayant Roy. Their commitment to meeting extreme science-based climate targets showcases the importance of astute leadership in fostering green initiatives. This commitment is grounded not in idealism but in the pressing reality of climate change, which demands urgent response and concerted efforts. 

Supporting Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTi) 

The shift towards greater climate consciousness is palpable in the industry, with an escalating number of companies, including Lindström, setting science-based targets. This trend saw an impressive growth of 12.7% in 2022. Lindström’s earnest and transparent collaborations with SBTi form a key part of the company’s roadmap to curb global greenhouse gas emissions. 

Aiming High, Committing Deep 

Lindström exemplifies true commitment by aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions by half within the next decade and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Lindström India echoes this commitment and is actively participating in achieving these ambitious environmental targets. 

Reshaping the Future with Green Commitments 

With businesses setting science-based climate targets accounting for a third of the global economy, an increase of 87% in such targets in 2022 sets a promising momentum. Lindström is at the heart of this momentum, aiming to reduce its global emissions by 2030 significantly and further aiming for a 90% reduction in absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

Acting Local, Impacting Global 

Lindström India, surviving and thriving for over 16 years and serving various industry sectors, has unwaveringly adhered to global climate targets. It stands as an inspiring example in the corporate world’s movement against the imposing climate crisis. It demonstrates how businesses can create a remarkable impact when committed to earth-friendly practices.