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New brand for Lindström

Caring for people in the heart of our newly launched brand

In September we launch a more joyful and people-centric brand at Lindström, being now really in line with our 2020 strategic choices.

Juha Laurio Comment Picture

As a whole, the journey to create an appealing brand story as a global team effort was really amazing. Now, I am extremely proud to say that our story is all about caring for people.

What does caring then mean for us? To put it simply, it is really about enjoying every day of what we do. It is about using our brain and heart to care for our customers; being truly close to them, making them smile and bringing them peace of mind so that they can focus on what they do best. It is also about caring for our own employees; making people succeed and grow inside the company. It’s about keeping up with new things that will help us develop further and keep us in the game.

For us, it has always been important to grow together with our customers. To put our minds into and get inspired of new, even crazy ideas – and test them together. Today, I am very happy to say that this drive and passion for new innovations reflect in our brand as well – even stronger than before. Achieving excellent customer experiences and supporting our customers’ future success mean everything for us.

I believe the true commitment to our customers and markets that we operate in requires not only passion but also continuous learning of local cultures and people. It is all about embedding into diverse business cultures by being truly “glocal”; mixing of global and local knowledge with joy of learning and empowerment for local decisions. And I really think this is what makes us different. We care!

Inspired by the new brand,

Juha Laurio

Lindström Group