Story of Lindstrom 10th million piece of workwear

We could just tell you that we have reached the milestone of 10 million items of workwear in our service process globally. And that the 10th million garment was delivered to our customer Yili, the biggest dairy producer in China. But today we will tell you another story, since every item of workwear has a special story behind it. Someone designed it. Someone made it. Someone washes it and takes care of it. And someone wears it every day.

Close your eyes and imagine a nice spring morning. The sun is shining and birds are singing. You can smell fresh coffee and hear your favorite song playing on the radio. What a great day to get up and start your workday. You open your closet and start choosing your fit for the day. You take the only trousers and shirt there are and put the clothes on. The sleeves and trouser legs are too long and the waist of the pants are so large that you need to fix the waist with a belt.

Would you feel comfortable with going to work in this outfit?

A few years back, Lindstrom Pattern Designer and Product Manager faced a situation similar to the one described above. They had just heard complaints from workwear end-users from China that they found the Lindstrom workwear collection uncomfortable, wrong size and not fitting their needs. Of course, you do not want to hear something like this, especially not on a Monday morning in the middle of November rain.

After having a cup of coffee, the two professionals started to dig deeper into the problem at hand. Lindstrom workwear collection is designed in a way that we have product platforms where the designer chooses how to build the workwear from ready-made bits and pieces. For our customer, this is the easiest way of ordering workwear. It is like being in a candy store where the candies are different parts of the garment like sleeves, legs, pockets and buttons in different shapes and colors. You just point out what you want and our designer puts together the candy bag of your dreams.

The problem in China was that Lindstrom workwear collection was designed for Europeans. So the standard sizes did not fit in China and our customers’ employees workdays started to feel like the story in the beginning. So not exactly a superstar feeling to start your workday, right?

From problem to solution

However, our workwear design professionals did not see this as a problem, they saw a solution. They packed their tailor measuring tapes and booked flights to China. There they met the everyday workwear users to be able to identify their exact needs when it comes to perfect workwear and perfect size.

This is how Lindstrom special workwear collection for Chinese market was born. It was created as real teamwork together with the customer and to fit the real needs of end-users. One piece of that collection was white Cory jacket that is still in active use. A selection of these Cory jackets were delivered to dairy producer Yili this year and one of them is the 10th millionth garment that we wash and take care of at Lindstrom on behalf of the customer.

We hope that this Cory jacket brings joy to you who is wearing it. The joy of having a comfortable and clean workwear in right size every day when you start your shift. We want you to know that there are a bunch of us in Lindstrom who care for you: our designers, product managers, account managers, textile care workers, delivery and customer service representatives.

Enjoy your workday!

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Greetings from Yili employees

Here you can read some greetings from the Yili employees. We are happy to hear and see that we have cheerful workwear users there.

“We are honored to be user of the 10th million piece of Lindstrom workwear, and we want to congratulate Lindstrom for reaching this milestone. Our employees are very happy with the quality of Lindstrom workwear. I believe it affects the feeling for each employee to start the workday by putting on clean garment. Our employees want to send their thanks for Lindstrom sales and customer service for professional and responsible attitude during the service start-up,” says Mr. Fan, Vice General Manager of Yili Hefei Factory.


Vice General manager Mr.Fan (left) and Lindstrom contact person Achlys Cui from Yili.

“We are impressed by Lindstrom professional service. Lindstrom service brings a lot of convenience to us and our employees can feel that we take care of them. Lindstrom service also improves our company image and protects our product quality.”

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