These unprecedented times have lead to many changes in our daily lives. Businesses had to adapt and look at different ways of working. For the safety of employees and to slow the risk of infection, many people started working from home or went on furlough.

Things are slowly starting to get back to normal, more businesses are reopening, and those working from home are starting to return to their places of work. So, now what? Things won’t be precisely the same, but there are things you can do to keep yourself and your employees safe. As you welcome employees back, there will be new challenges; here, we give you tips on a safe post-lockdown return.

Phased return to work after lockdown

As more and more types of jobs get the green light to return to work, you will need to start planning how you will handle the situation. The health and safety of employees and customers is essential in any business. A phased return to work is an excellent way to start. When choosing which furloughed workers or home-based employees are to return, the decision needs to be fair. You will need to consider:

  • Is their return essential?
  • Are they a vulnerable or at-risk worker?
  • Do they have caring responsibilities in their home?

Changes in work practices after COVID-19

After you have selected those that will return to work, you will also have to consider what working practices will have to change. You will have to implement procedures to minimise risks of spreading infection wherever possible; these will include:

  • Providing hand sanitising supplies
  • Providing face masks when required
  • Encouraging digital sales and web-based meetings
  • If meetings have to happen ensure they are COVID-19 safe
  • Varying shifts so fewer people are in the workplace at one time

There are many things to consider when it comes to the new working challenges we all face in 2020. The additional costs of supplying sanitising supplies and face masks can be worrying, especially if you have experienced a downturn in business during the pandemic.

At Lindstrom, we are dedicated to helping businesses through these challenging times. We are passionate about maintaining our green and efficient way of working and helping others with this. As you and your team return to the new “normal’ way of working, we can help minmise risks to employees.

Reusable face masks

One of the ways we have been helping businesses stay safe is with our new reusable face mask service. The costs of disposable masks and the environmental impact are the main reason we came up with this new service. Instead of having to buy extensive inventories of masks for your employees, you can use our rental and laundry service. Clean, sanitised masks are available to the whole team when they need them. The main benefits of the reusable face masks are:

  • Cost-efficient solution
  • Flexible service to fit your business
  • Contributes to the safety of your employees

If you need the best Workwear Services, Cleanroom Services for returning to work or wish to find out more about our reusable face mask service, contact us today.

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