Renting versus buying cleanroom gowns is a topic of much discussion as the pharmaceutical business adjusts to new trends and technology by 2024. Facility decision-making is crucial because of the growing emphasis on regulatory compliance and pollution control. Let’s dive into the two options and understand why the verdict might tilt toward one option. 

The Case for Buying 

Many facilities choose to purchase cleanroom garments mainly because of the perceived benefits of ownership. Some reasons include: 

  • Control over inventory and quality 
  • Customization possibilities 
  • Reduced third-party dependence 

However, buying cleanroom gowning has its limitations: 

  • High upfront costs and ongoing expenses related to storage, maintenance, and replacements 
  • Difficulty keeping up with changing regulations and ensuring cleanliness standards 
  • Limited scalability and adaptability 
  • Substantial time and resources required for managing inventory, washing, and maintenance 

The Case for Renting 

Renting cleanroom gowning provides a viable alternative that addresses many of the challenges faced when purchasing. Some key benefits of renting include: 

  • Cost-efficiency: Rental companies bear the expenses related to garment replacements, maintenance, and storage.
  • Flexibility: Rental services can easily scale with your company’s changing needs.
  • Better hygiene standards: Rental companies have advanced laundry facilities that ensure a higher level of cleanliness compared to in-house laundering.
  • More sustainable option: Renting reusable cleanroom garments lessens the environmental impact of disposable alternatives.

Lindstrom’s Rental Solutions – The Perfect Answer 

Lindstrom’s cleanroom gowning rental service offers a comprehensive solution for laboratories, addressing the challenges of hygiene, compliance, and cost-efficiency. Their services stand out for several reasons: 

  • Strong Contamination Control: Lindstrom’s clothing is made in accordance with IEST-RP-CC003, which keeps workers safe and prevents product contamination. 
  • Elevated Standards of Hygiene: In accordance with European Standard EN-14065, Lindstrom guarantees hygienic practices throughout their whole servicing procedure. 
  • Full-Service Package: Lindstrom provides an affordable option that includes delivery, storage, washing, repairs, and replacements of clothing in addition to other services. 

Pharmaceutical labs that work with Lindstrom may rely on the company for reusable cleanroom garments rental and maintenance, leaving them to concentrate on their primary business. 


The jury is still in favour of renting in the 2024 “Renting versus Buying Cleanroom Gowning” issue. The benefits of using specialist cleanroom laundry services, such as Lindstrom’s, exceed the challenges of maintaining cleanroom attire by a significant margin. Renting reusable cleanroom clothes offers pharmaceutical labs that aim to achieve the ideal balance between quality and cost, a future-proof solution, especially in light of the growing emphasis on regulatory compliance, cost-efficiency, and ecological practices.