The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has substantially affected societies and businesses worldwide. Lindström follows the situation closely to ensure availability of its service for all the critically important industries which are operating now to meet the increased need for hygiene.  

“We at Lindström do our very best to keep our services running as normal as possible across all our locations. At the same time, we consider our people and our customers to be of utmost importance​ and hence, we are taking all precautions to ensure our employees´ safety as they continue to dedicate themselves to support all companies operating currently with our services”, says Juha Laurio, CEO of Lindström Group.

Lindström serves versatile industries and businesses, including many critically important ones that are required to keep the society running during these times, like Food, Pharma and Healthcare companies, who require reliable and high standards of hygiene.

“Our everyday business operations are based on standardized and certified microbiological purity management. We also monitor the level of hygiene at different stages of the process by regular measurements and validations by independent laboratories”, Laurio emphasizes.

Lindström´s management system has comprehensive guidance on how to ensure the quality, safety and continuation of its business operations and customer deliveries even in a state of emergency. This planning is done in close cooperation with vendors and partners.

“We continue to monitor the situation closely to make sure we provide the service required smoothly, and at the same time ensure that our people stay safe during these challenging times. Many of our customers have started their own adjustment measures to balance their business due to the economic impact of the pandemic and we are in close contacts with all our customers to work closely with them during this period. These business realities are of course also applicable to us and we will also keep adjusting our operations based on the demands of our services”, Laurio concludes.

Lindström continues to monitor and evaluate the development of the coronavirus situation closely and will inform its customers and partners of any possible business implications without delay. As our customer service phone lines can be temporarily congested, we advise our customers to contact us by using eLindström.

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