We live in an era where the equation for sustaining life on Earth is shifting. Tackling the urgent climate crisis confronting us demands a revolutionary approach to how we do business. Within this context, one textile rental company is carving out a unique path towards a sustainable future. 

Lindström India, a proudly 100% subsidiary of Finland’s Lindström Oy, echoes its parent company’s commitment to global science-based climate targets, symbolizing a tenacious effort in the face of an existential threat. 

Drawing the Blueprints of a Sustainable Path 

Born out of the Paris Agreement, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) seeks to shape a sustainable and lucrative corporate world. It bridges science and business to provide guidelines for the discourses and actions needed to limit global warming to 1.5℃ above pre-industrial levels. Worldwide, companies are realizing their roles in curbing climate impacts. 

With a focus on sustainability, Lindström India is not only keeping pace with this momentous global shift but actively transforming its approach to business, aligning with Lindström Oy’s global science-based climate targets in India. Their dedication embodies the burgeoning movement among Asian companies adopting science-based targets, with a reported 127% increase in 2022. 

From Targets to Tangible Change 

The company’s commitment is backed by tangible figures — a reduction of 50% in greenhouse gas emissions across the value chain by 2030, culminating in net-zero emissions by 2050. “By setting and achieving ambitious emission reduction targets, we seek to support our customers in their own sustainability aspirations,” shared Manas Kumar, Global Director and Head of Pharma, Strategic Marketing, and Business Development Director Asia at Lindström. 

Lindström India’s sustainability journey offers clients tangible benefits. The approved science-based climate targets provide clients and stakeholders with a measure of their efforts towards sustainability. They offer a beacon of credibility and put the company on a transparent path of progress. 

Encouraging a Ripple Effect of Change 

The company’s efforts aren’t just impressive on paper. Its customers are witnessing firsthand the change Lindström India is striving to bring about in the corporate landscape. Beyond its line of services, Lindström India also spearheads the country’s first Cleanroom laundry services in Pune, offering specialized facilities for industries requiring controlled environments. 

Lindström India’s sustainability saga leads companies and industries to think beyond traditional norms and aspire for a sustainable business model that aligns profits with the planet’s health. 

There is much to applaud in this tale of corporate sustainability, which signals a paradigm shift in the industry, not just in the transformation but also in the determination that instigated it. We look forward to witnessing more corporations like Lindström India drawing the sustainability battle lines and fearlessly fostering innovation for a greener, cleaner future.