Lindström invests in Croatia: good start for mat service

The international textile service group Lindström launched its mat service in Croatia in October 2015. At the same time, the company acquired the mat business operations of a local company, Herc Mat.

Lindström has been offering workwear services to corporate customers in Croatia since 2011. Now, the service range is expanding to cover mat services. With the expansion, Lindström offers mat services in a total of 15 European countries.

To strengthen its position in the market, Lindström has acquired the mat business of a company called Herc Mat that operates in the Zagreb region. The corporate acquisition was completed at the beginning November 2015. Herc Mat has been operating in Croatia since 2000.

“Our business operations in Croatia have grown steadily. Starting the mat service and completing this corporate acquisition support our growth strategy in the region. It enables us to serve our customers in Croatia with a wider service selection,” says Lindström Group President & CEO Juha Laurio.

Lindström employs approximately 20 people in Croatia and has a service centre in Zagreb. In addition to Croatia, Lindström operates in 23 countries in Europe and Asia. The company provides clothes for approximately one million people daily worldwide, and an increasing amount of its turnover comes from its international operations.

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