Atbildība izpaužas ikdienas dzīvē

Mūsu korporatīvās sociālās atbildības lappusēs atrodama informācija par to, kā Lindström īsteno savu atbildību no mūsu dažādo interešu grupu viedokļa.

Mēs ik gadus atskaitāmies par atbildības īstenošanu atsevišķā atbildības pārskatā.

2016. gads skaitļos

equity ratio

78.8% Equity ratio


24 Countries of operation


100 000 Customer companies


323 Million turnover

Quick ratio
Million € net profit
Satisfaction rate (1-5)
"Year 2016 was a year of growth for us", Juha Laurio, President & CEO of Lindström Group
"Sustainability, since being one of our values, is embedded in all of our operations", Harri Puputti, Senior Vice President, Quality
"Good leadership is a prerequisite for employee satisfaction", Minna Gentz, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
"We genuinely want to be a supportive partner of our customers´ business operations", Anna-Kaisa Huttunen, Vice President, Business Concept Development
"We follow the impact of our operations carefully and learn from our mistakes", Petri Vapola, CFO
Operational Excellency means for us, first and foremost, the effective means of operations and management that saves both time and resources. In other words, cut to the chase and ignore the rest.