Dafecor makes new products from used textiles

Dafecor is a Finnish company that manufactures new products from waste generated from industry. Dafecor receives Lindström’s disposed hotel bedding and terry cloth products as well as roll towels, and grinds them into textile pulp. Dafecor manufactures new textiles from ground textile pulp for instance for insulation, upholstery and absorption. Textile blends are made from different grind qualities according to the purpose of use; for instance, fibres that absorb more liquid are used for absorption products, while upholstery fabric requires nonabsorbent qualities.

Defacor manufactures roll towels, absorption mats and oil absorbent booms as products for Lindström. In other words, Dafecor gives a new lease of life to Lindström’s waste textiles as new products for customers. This way, the originally acquired raw material is reused even after the original product has reached the end of its lifecycle.



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