Lindström’s Board and management

The Board of Lindström comprises seven persons including both professional board members and representatives of shareholders.  The Board approves the Group’s result, financing and investment budget, decides on significant acquisitions and company expansion, makes decisions related to financial assets and Group assets as well as approving the Group’s mission, vision and strategy and the guidelines for risk management.

The boards of the Group’s subsidiaries mainly comprise the members of the Group’s Management Team. The Board deals with issues related to risk management and corporate social responsibility that either a board member or the CEO has brought up.

Harri-Pekka Kaukonen
Chairman of the board

Naresh Gupta

Karolina Roiha

Anne Korkiakoski

Steph Feijen

Kalle Kantola


Petteri Kousa

Independent members, i.e. members who are not employees of or own shares in Lindström, are Harri-Pekka Kaukonen, Anne Korkiakoski, Naresh Gupta, Steph Feijen and Kalle Kantola.

Lindström’s Management Team

The Board appoints the CEO. The CEO is in charge of the development of internationalisation, leading the operations of the Management Team, keeping contact with the Board and owners, external communications as well as resource allocation. The CEO appoints the Management Team and decides on the division of its roles and on its operating model.

The Management Team is in charge of monitoring and interpreting the company environment, implementation and monitoring of the Group-level mission, vision, strategy and the business operation processes, annual planning and gauging operations, leading the operations and internationalisation, development of the service selection, definition of the Group policies, monitoring the realisation of the values, setting an example and communications with the organisation.

Juha Laurio
President & CEO

Mika Hartikainen
Senior Vice President, Asia and Eastern Europe

Jari Vihervuori
Senior Vice President,
Finland, Baltic States,
Poland and Belarus
Managing Director, Comforta Oy

Santtu Jokinen
Senior Vice President,
Central and Western Europe

Mika Kujala
Senior Vice President,
Russia and Group Business Development

Theo Slegt
Senior Vice President,

Harri Puputti
Senior Vice President,

Minna Gentz
Senior Vice President,
Human Resources

Petri Vapola


Ernst & Young Oy (Certified Public Accountant Juha Hilmola as lead auditor).