Textile service company Lindström expanding and recruiting in Nurmo

Lindström has opened a new workwear laundry in Nurmo. The investment has doubled the number of personnel in Nurmo.

“Our operations in Southern Ostrobothnia have grown steadily, and the region still has growth potential. It is important to us to provide the service close to the customer. The Nurmo workwear laundry was established to serve the current and future customers in the area,” says Lindström Group President & CEO Juha Laurio.

Lindström’s mat laundry has been operating in Nurmo for over a decade. The new workwear laundry has doubled the size of the Nurmo facility and the number of personnel. With the new workwear laundry, the company now employs 30 people in Nurmo. The Nurmo service centre serves approximately 1,700 customers in the province of Southern Ostrobothnia.

Lindström building long-term growth

The Lindström Group is investing boldly, even in these financially challenging times. The Group’s investments in 2014 increased by 43 per cent from the previous year in terms of euros. In 2015, the Group’s turnover and investments are expected to grow further.

“Our long-term operations in Finland and our other operating countries support making investments even in these financially uncertain times,” says Laurio.

In Finland, Lindström offers its customers services related to workwear, mats, restaurant textiles, personal protective equipment, shop towels and hygiene from over 20 branch offices. Lindström employs approximately 1,500 people in Finland. The company offers textile services for businesses in 23 countries and provides clothes for approximately one million people daily worldwide.

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Juha Laurio, President & CEO, Lindström Group, tel. +358 40 501 6299, juha.laurio@lindstromgroup.com

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